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Dragons go to the Rock of Knowledge to get help doing all sorts of things. For example:

  • fighting knights,
  • learning how to fly,
  • how to flame....

Here are some of the instruction sheets, leaflets and scrolls that dragons and their visitors have written.

How To Go Into Another World Via Spell  By Olwen, 13, Montreal

How To disappear In Times Of Trouble!  By Stef, 12, South Africa

How to tie your shoe.  By Aixa, 13, Tampa, Florida

How to make a banana split  By Amy, 8, Burnaby, BC, Canada

How to become a Dragon Leader  By Ashley, Dragon Researcher, 11, Indianapolis, USA

How to flame like the pros  By Reese, 9, South Carolina, USA

How to defeat a knight  By Jake, 11, Manchester, UK

How to Not Get Hurt in a Fight with a Knight  By Jacob, 4, Maine, US

How to stop your sister annoying you  By Katrina, 9, Cardiff, Wales

How to make a cup of tea  By Tasmina,Elisha,Qamran., 10,10,10, Nottingham, England

Fire Breathing for Extremely Young Dragons  By David, 10, Ochiltree, Ayrshire, Scotland

How to bring the age of the dragons back  By Evan, 10, Raleigh, North Carolina, US

How to Act  By Aishwarya, 10, Mumbai, India

How To Breathe fire  By Phoebe, 8, Astley, UK

How to defeat a Knight  By Jack, 6, Paisley, Scotland

How to control lightning  By Abbie, 9, Morpeth, Northumberland, UK

How to get neater and neater at your writing  By Taylah, 10, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

How to Get Good at Maths  By Nicola, 10, Victoria, Australia

How to Cook a Princess  By Shaunna, 10, Georgia, US

How to destroy an entire armry of Knights  By Grace, 10, Georgia, US

How to read  By Ashlen, 8, Denver , Colorado, US

How to type on the computer  By Ellen, 7, Swindon, UK

How to keep your money safe!  By Gemma, 12, Long Eaton, Nottingham, UK

How to swim  By Mark, 10, Liverpool, UK

How to teach a baby dragon to fly  By Sarah, 11, Bedford, UK

How a Dragon can steal Riches  By Katie, 12, Stamford

How to breath fire.  By Sonia, 8, Walla Walla, Washington, US

How to breath ice  By Milo, 11, Stamford, UK

How to teach baby dragons how to fly  By Harmony, 4, Concord, California, US

How to read  By Bethany, 6, Hucknall, Nottingham, UK

How to brush your teeth  By Ami, 9, Thurlton, Norfolk, UK

Making a BBQ knight  By Andrew, 10, Cedar Park,Texas, US

How to fight knights  By Andrew, 10, Cedar Park, Texas, U.S.

How to fly  By Taryn, 9 years old, Radford, Nottingham, UK

How to look after your scales  By Fiona, 9, Radford, Nottingham, UK

How to Fly: a beginner's guide  By Stephanie, 10, Cedar Park, Texas, US

How to breathe fire  By Simon, 13, Clifton, Nottingham, UK

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