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Original dragon images created by Malathar,
based in Texas, USA.




The children and teachers from:

Bosworth Primary School, Nottingham, England.
Haddon Primary School, Nottingham, England.
Porchester Junior School, Nottingham, England.
Killisick Junior School, Nottingham, England.
Southwold Primary School, Nottingham, England.

Frodsham C.E. Primary School, Cheshire, England.
Kingsway School, York, England.
Longlevens Junior School, Gloucestershire, England.
Luckwell Primary School, Bristol, England.
South Hykeham School, Lincolnshire, England.
Wheatfields Junior School, Cambridgeshire, England.

Hachoresh Elementary School, Israel.
Hambrick Elementary School, Georgia, USA.
Naumann Elementary School. Texas, USA.
ABC Stewart School, Indiana, USA.
W.E.B. DuBois Academy, Ohio. USA.





The dragons of Dragonsville
for allowing us to visit their home.





The Story Dragon written by Karen King,
and completed by children from the schools listed above.




designed, built and based upon an idea by
Digital Teacher in Residence Simon Widdowson.

Simon Widdowson - New Media Consultant

With thanks to the staff of the trAce online writing centre: Sue Thomas, Helen Whitehead, Simon Mills, Catherin Gillam, Kate Wilkinson and Tim Wright.


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