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    Gwen Grant is mainly known as a children's writer but has published adult short stories and poetry.
    Shortlisted: Carnegie Award.
    Runner-up: Guardian Children's Fiction award.
    Winner: Acorn Award Publications

    Children's Picture Books, including 'Little Blue Car' (Orchard).
    Novels, including 'Private-Keep Out' (Heinemann/Harper Collins).
    Young Adult Novels including 'The Revolutionary's Daughter' (Heinemann).
    Short stories: BBC, Magazines.
    Poetry: Meridian etc.
    Work has been translated into many languages.

    Events and Appearances
    Gwen will give talks, readings and workshops in venues such as schools, prisons, art galleries, museums, detention centres, Women's centres, hospices.

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    Adventures in Cyberspace

    Gwen held an afternoon writing workshop for the children of the Nottingham City Libraries Summer School in July/August 2000, Adventures in Cyberspace.

    Here is some of their writing:

    The Kiss of Death

    By Chereen, age 9

    one day Lisa went in a field to see the stars in the sky. On the field a man came to her he had red dark eyes and black dark hair. He gave her a kiss she droped on the floor deadthen the man was gione when he did it. Then one day her mum came out and found her dead on the floor in the field.
    Her mum ran in crying. "Oh no, " she said.
    Then she went to sleep at night. The man came again and took her away. Then Lisa was not the same again.

    The Box

    By Ricky, age 10

    He opened the box. It's a shocking sight and a flash fire jumped out of the box. A bot comes into the room and his face glows up and his name is Ben. He said "I wish to go to Disneyland" and Caboom! Wow, Disneyland!
    He was stuck in Disneyland.
    He met a goblin and the goblin said "Come with me and you will see-- come, come come.. with me and you will definitiley see.
    Ben said "No!" and he went on the rollercoaster. The rollercoaster broke down and he fell and he was dead.

    The Box

    By Gary, age 10

    One sunny day I went to the market and my mum looked at a magic box. Mum brought a magic box and when we got home I opened the magic box.
    I looked into the magic box, there was a magic football, and I put my dog in the box and my dog turned into a red dog, he ran out of the house into a spooky forest.
    In the dark forest amongst the trees his eyes were popping out all around him. Ten dogs came running to help him. The eyes were wolves and bears and monkeys and all eleven dogs ran to the red dog's house.

    The box

    By Anthony, age 10

    Last night I found a box. The box was red, stripy, the box was a square and it was about the size of a computer. But when I opened the box it smelled like smoke. I really wanted to eat a burger, just then there was a green flashing light. When I put my hand in it, it sucked me in. When I fell onto the floor but the box now was much bigger than a pub it had 5 robots when I touched the robot I went back home.

    A date at the disco

    By Lauren, age 10

    Today is the day of our school disco. I need to find someone to go with. Oh no I have just bumped into this boy called Jordan. Oops sorry.
    Jordan said I was just asking would you go to the disco with me.
    Of course I will.
    That's my date sorted I said.
    When I went home to get dressed I wore a back out top and my v skirt. My friend Shyann wore her back out v top and some pedal pushers, Shadie wore back out v top and some v quarter lengths. Shearealyn wore her long dress. Anthony, Ricky, Lewis, Jordan, Steven wore their posh suits. My dad hired a lemazine for us to go to the disco in. We was all being shy in the lemazine. When we got to the disco every one started to look at us as we came out of the car.

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Writing by children at Gwen Grant's workshop at Adventures in Cyberspace

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