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If you are writing instructions, remember the typical features of instructional writing:

  • Use bullet points or numbered steps.
  • Write in the imperative.

If you are writing information, or reports about your research, you will need to:

  • look for some books in your local libary;
  • or visit some useful websites that contain relevant information.

Read the researching information page for more details.

"If you don't know some of the facts, research the information you need carefully. There are many sources from which to obtain this sort of information, of which the Internet is one, but do not overlook your local library as a useful source of information.

"I have spent many hours combing through books in libraries for factual information for my stories. And don't overlook your school as a source of information. That is one reason why you go there, to find out about things which will be important to you later in life."

- Claire Rosemary Jane, children's author and Kids on the Net Advisor

Taken from the Kids on the Net page 'How to Write'

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