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Harwell Adventure

By Gloria, age 10, Shatin Junior School, Hong Kong

The storm was getting worse, so we had to take shelter in the old house. It was an old, dark and scary house. It had vines growing around it. The inside looked dark and black. You could see cobwebs up on the windows. It looked as if there were ghosts inside. You would not want to be in that house! Sometimes there would be a very bright light flickering inside, from window to window. The mystery was where the light came from and who was flickering the bright light.
A gust of driving rain finally made up my mind.
"Come on," I shouted, "Let's get inside!"
"I don't want to, it's a really creepy house, Jane, you go if you want to," shouted Anna.
"Please, come with me!" I begged.
"Oh fine!" said Anna. So we took shelter in the old, creepy house. No doubt there were spiders in there. Well, we had to, there was no other place or choice for us.
One kick on the front door and the rotten wood gave way.
"That was easy!" said Anna. We found some old fashioned things, very old. The inside of the house was so dark and creepy. We went around the rooms, first we went to the hall. The sofas were old and there was a cup of tea on the old wooden table.
"I am very thirsty!" whispered Anna.
"Well there is a cup of tea ready for you!" I joked. The tea had been there a long time, it was an old wooden cup with pinkish-purple paint on the sides. The cup looked really nice. My mum would love to have one of those! Then we went to the kitchen, there were unwashed pans and bowls and cobwebs everywhere! Next, we went up the rooms, there were only 2 rooms. The rooms looked okay and it could be suitable for us to sleep in. After we looked in the rooms, we went to the toilet, there was only 1 toilet and it looked rusty (It's weird how the toilet bowl was made of metal!) and very old.
"I dare you to turn the tap on." I said.
"Okay," challenged Anna "I'll turn the tap on." She turned the tap on, a weird smell suddenly came after Anna turned on the tap.
"Turn off the tap, Anna!" I cried. Anna turned off the tap at once. The smell stopped, but a little bit of the smell still lasted.
The stairs creaked ever so much, that we both thought there was someone opening the door. There were no more rooms up the stairs.
"Weird!" exclaimed Anna.
"True, I've never seen anything like this before!' I said. It was strange how the stairs led to no rooms. Have you seen anything like this before? I haven't!
Somehow we got through the night, even though we didn't get through very well! This is exactly what happened, we both heard someone opening doors and heard taps going on and off. When we turned the air-conditioner on, we heard typewriter writing all by itself. The worst thing was when we saw the flickering light. We did not get a wink of sleep at all!
"What do you think of all those things that scared us?" asked Anna when we got out of the house.
"Let me explain, the air-conditioner was the typewriter. The opening door thing was the stairs creaking, as for the flickering light - it is the streetlights!" I smirked.
A great Adventure to have these days!            (May 2002)

The Truth Behind Teens

By Maggie, age 13, Charlotte, NC, USA

Sometimes it's hard to write the words,
that describe a teenager's view of life.
Do we see ourselves as popular or those corner sittin' nerds.
Should we take the risk of going to crazy parties to live a wild life?

These questions infest our confused heads,
why God put us in this world,
and what we should do before we reach our death bed.
Our questions so reach a simpler state,
like whether we should have our hair curled or straight.

Whether it's cooler to wear khakis or jeans,
put up your hair in a ponytail or bun.
No matter how many questions we face, we are innocent teens.
Trying to make life a little more fun.

Is that why teenagers were brought here,
to make everyone live a little more carefree?
Though could these teens turn the world to drugs and beer?
Teenagers are so guilt free.

Some people just can't see how scared teens really are.
When they get lost in the years,
and can't figure out where they are.
All they can do is shed the tears.

The tears of childhood,
gently wiped away by teens in no-mans land.
So as you view tenagers as troublers that drive too fast,
reconsider your thoughts and extend them a hand.            (May 2002)

* Homophones

By Lucy, age 10, Southampton, Hampshire, England

I think homophones are horrid,
Words like deer and pain and sea,
In writing they are hard to spell,
And in speech they're agony!

I think homophones are awful,
Words like stare and meat and flea,
Why can't words just all be different,
How much easier that would be!

I think homophones are ghastly,
Words like for and sew and beech,
I think they are made just so that,
Teachers have something to teach!            (May 2002)

Editor's Award Winner May 2002

One Of My Class Mates

By Andrea, age 10, Sha Tin Junior School, Hong Hong

Nonstop-talker            (May 2002)

* How The Rabbit Got Its Buck Teeth

By Scott, age 9, Biggin Hill, UK

A long time ago there were two of practically everything, two dodos, two beavers, two rabbits and so on. The two rabbits were called Mr Rabbit and Mrs Rabbit. They had two close friends, Mr Beaver and Mrs Beaver. Back in those days, rabbits chewed on trees like beavers and they would always chew in exactly the same spot. Their life was very, very peaceful and tranquil except for two other animals; Fox, the male, and Foxy, the female; who were always bullying them. This was because at one time, Mr and Mrs Rabbit were having a water fight with Mr and Mrs Beaver and Mr Rabbit accidentally misfired and got Fox and Foxy soaking wet. From that day on, Fox and Foxy were always bullying Mr and Mrs Rabbit to get their own back.

One day, Fox decided to do something really horrible. He built a rubber tree so that when Mr Rabbit bit into it, his teeth wouldn't come out. Fox built his rubber tree and planted it in the ground where the beavers and rabbits were always chewing on the trees and the next day when Mr and Mrs Beaver and Mr and Mrs Rabbit came to chew on some trees, part of Fox's plan worked. Mr Rabbit chewed on the rubber tree and his teeth got stuck in it. He pulled, and he pulled, and he pulled, and at the same time, he stretched, and he stretched, and he stretched his teeth until finally, he yanked his teeth from the log. They were really, really, really long and he was really upset. The next day was mating season and Mr and Mrs Rabbit mated and when their babies came, they too had very long teeth like Mr Rabbit and Mrs Rabbit was really surprised that they had teeth like Mr Rabbit. From that day on, rabbits learnt not to chew on trees. Instead, they started eating grass and from that day forward, rabbits have always had long teeth and have always eaten grass.            (May 2002)

Editor's Award Winner May 2002


By Henry, age 12, Gesamtschule Poppenbüttel, Hamburg, Germany

G is for great
E is for exciting
R is for ready
M is for many friends
A is for alliances
N is for nice People
Y is for yes we are            (May 2002)


By Steffen, age 17, Gesamtschule Poppenbüttel, Hamburg, Germany

What`s the name standing for?
S is for smart
T is for trustworthy
I is for irresistable
V is for VIP (very important person)
I is for invincible            (May 2002)

A Rare Thing Found By Chance

By Jordan, age 13, York, UK

The thick pea-soup fog cleared as the little wooden boat parted rifts in the murky blue water, overlapping its edges as if in a vain attempt to escape its tedious existence. A filthy black cloud rolled across the sky and a thundercrack echoed over the valley. The destination was "Serendipity", a quaint but atypical little island wedged somewhere in between England and Wales.

The dogged old fisherman scratched the rough stubble on his gnarled chin, and a skeletal hand pushed a wispy grey hair from his wrinkled forehead.

"How much longer?" Inquired a voice from the rear of the vessel, striving to be heard over the howling wind. The fisherman turned, whipping the tail of his sullied green mackintosh behind his mud-clad left leg. He looked askance, head tilted upwards in order to see from beneath the thick hood that led up from the neck of his long coat. A lightning strike lit up the sky, revealing for only a short second, the long scar that ran along his disfigured countenance, about a quarter of an inch from a glass eye whose many different shades of grey and white seemed to swirl and shift with the flashes of light. Then darkness prevailed once more and the strange character's grotesque features sunk back into their penumbrous continuation of a life trapped in the past, reminiscing on times gone by. He grunted. Then cleared his throat.

continue reading this exciting story here....            (May 2002)

My Final Resting Place

By Saffron, age 15, Redditch, Worcestershire, UK

When I die,
Place me in a glass coffin so it will last for eternity.
Plant some tulips on top of me and watch them grow tall and strong.
They will be my flowers,
My final resting place.
Although my body may be dead,
I will live on through my flowers in every stem,
Every petal.
I will feed them with my soul and my spirit they will hold.            (May 2002)


By Saffron, age 15, Redditch, Worcestershire, UK

Grandad sits,
Sitting in his favourite chair,
Dozing by the blazing fire.
His wrinkled up face which looks like an old skeleton,
Lights up with joy.
As I pile through the door for a friendly chat.
He seems dozy,
A sleepy old dog,
But he's got a sharp brain,
Hidden in many years of aging.
He's a living encyclopedia of stories and facts,
Lost in the mist of time.
When I leave,
He snuggles down,
And is once again swallowed
By his favourite chair.            (May 2002)


By Elise, age 11, Downers Grove, IL, USA

Splashing jumping in the pool
Playing with my friends
Why do you have to go
Summer please come back

I can't wait when people say summers coming
It is when its hot and flowers start to bloom
Riding bikes and scooters in my neighborhood makes
me cheerful

But when it's time to say goodbye
And school starts once again
I say "Goodbye, see you soon, come back next year!"
Then I say hi to fall            (May 2002)

When the Sun Sets

By Lena, age 12, Detroit, MI, USA

When the sun sets, we both sit and watch, as the sun dies he watches me cry. When the sun set, my brother and me, wonders about how all this could be. When the sun sets, we wish we could see where the sun rise will be, because we will never see it rise, we only see it die.            (May 2002)

Silently Gazed

By Novall, age 14, Florida, USA

I saw him
With gleaming sparkles,
And confetti,
And moonlit gazed.

He approached me
With colorful sprinkles,
And balloons,
And brightly gazed.

He spoke to me
With spiced cream,
And pinatas,
And cheerfully gazed.

He leaned forward and touched my lips
With sweetened icing,
And presents,
And silently gazed.            (May 2002)

Rebirth of Life

By Ryan, age 12, Deer Park, USA

I am trapped within a cage.
The cage of hurt.
The death of life has come upon this soul.
In a world of hurt you are powerless to the two rough fingers of the underworld.
It is tried by millions,
to escape its path,
But it creeps in the darkness,
Waiting for the right time to strike.
No one understands,
Why this blackness has reached its peak.
The death of life is upon us.
The time has come,
To release your anger,
Let it fly with its wings of black,
and change for white and purity.
Change. Change.
This purity will rid this world of hate.
See this rebirth of life,
on this land of trust.
Peace is the answer.            (May 2002)

All Alone

By Candace, age 13, Bronx, NY, USA

In the sea of swarming people
I am all alone…
Lost to find my inner being... myself
Searching to find the missing pieces
That left a shattered skeleton
I am all alone...
Pursuing to know who I am
To wonder what is my greatest goal and desire
To know what my future has in store for me
But as of now...
I am all alone...            (May 2002)


By Lexi, age 12, Dover, New Hampshire, USA

As the waves crash, I think
What is it like to be a wave?
Does it stay on just my beach?
Or has it seen the many shores of the world?
How far has it traveled?
How long has it lived?
Does is just float?
Or does it too know how to swim?
What is it like to be a wave?
To be riden by surfers, and swam in by children.
Would you be mean, and drown people, or would you be kind, and never have an under toe?
If you were a wave, would you wonder what it was like to be a human?
To walk on dry land, and feel the sand beneath your toes.
Or would you think that we were awful, for polluting you?
If you could talk, would you ask us to be more kind?
Because, If you could talk, I think most of us would listen.            (May 2002)

* A Prayer Before Birth

By Erica, age 11, Parkwall Primary School, Bristol, UK

I am not yet born: please provide me with -
The sea to hush me,
The wind to sing to me,
A bright star to guide me,
The clouds to send me to sleep,
A loving, caring world and
My mother's arms to cradle me.

I am not yet born: please protect me from -
Hatred between people,
War and fighting that leaves people dead,
Enemies that could harm me and
Death itself.

I am not yet born: please make my world one that -
Is a fun place for everyone
loves everybody and cares for the poor and ill and
Makes me love each day and
Look forward to the next.            (May 2002)

Editor's Award Winner May 2002 (Inspired by Louis McNeice, I suspect)

The Time Traveller

By Scott, age 9, Biggin Hill Junior School, Biggin Hill, UK

It was a bright and sunny morning in the Carolinas. Everyone was just waking up from a deep long sleep after the shortest day and word had just got round that someone had just built a time machine. The man who made it was called Professor Challenger. There was a competition to win a trip on a magnificent time machine, which had been tested on a couple of things. The competition was to draw the best picture of a time machine. Only two people could win and any age could enter. When the competition was over, the judge announced the two winners who would go on an expedition to a set date of their choice. They both decided that they wanted to go back 60 million years ago to a time when the dinosaurs ruled but something went terribly wrong. The professor typed in the date of when the dinosaurs roamed and forgot to set the last number so it ended up as only 60 years ago: the time when Hurricane Mitch was tearing the land apart.

The children were so excited because they thought that they were going back to when the dinosaurs were around but what awaited them was not going to be a pleasant surprise. In the time machine, they landed in Barbados in 1933. Luckily Hurricane Mitch hadn't reached there yet. When the two children got out they looked around and saw the building being deserted and people running around screaming their heads off. They went back inside and told the professor. He checked everything and made sure nothing had gone wrong. Then he looked at the date and it said 1933 and it was meant to be 6 million years earlier than that and the professor fainted with shock. When he woke up and got outside. They felt a very strong breeze and looked behind them to see some very strong dust devils tearing down buildings like a bulldozer destroying small structures but only these things were destroying humongous sky scrapers and other various things. The two children fainted too.

The professor struggled to wake the two children but after a while he gave up. So he re-set the dials for 2002, and started to pull the lever but, before he had chance to pull it right back, the hurricane hit the time machine. Sparks flew all over the place, fuses completely blew and wires came undone. The control panel was sizzling with heat and the dial exploded. The gauges were still working. The professor looked at them and saw that they said the time machine was only able to transport one person. The professor couldn't decide who to send back and turned around to look at the children but they had gone and the door was swinging on its hinges. He walked to the door and looked outside and saw the two bodies flying off into the distance. There was no choice. He pulled the lever back, or what was left of it and off he went. Soon after that, the professor was back in 2002 and everyone had been waiting for its arrival for days and now it had finally come back. They asked where the children were and the professor explained all about what had gone wrong.

The scientists have now learned not to be too adventurous otherwise something like that could go wrong again. The moral of this story is to think before you do something, in other words, look before you leap.            (May 2002)

Life Is Like A Precious Pearl

By Saffron, age 15, Redditch, Worcestershire, UK

None of us know
How much time we have left
But one thing is certain
Life is like a precious pearl,
And we should make the most
Of it every minute of every day.
We should make each day
Count for something
We enjoyed,
Moved closer to a dream,
Or spent time with a
Friend or a loved one.
Did you make the most of your life today?
It's not too late.            (May 2002)


By Saffron, age 15, Redditch, Worcestershire, UK

He lay dying
His grey hair matted
And streaked with blood.
His eyes, once baby blue,
Were dilated and going dull.
His legs were stiffening in death,
His breathing became slow, missing out a breath each minute,
He tried to move, to struggle,
But it was no use.
He lay there in his favourite chair, in front of the TV,
No one knew he was dead
He was all alone with no help or support from his family.
A loner we might say.            (May 2002)


By Michelle, age 10, Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

A - is for all united as one
M - is for mishaps but we aren't done
E - is for everyone no matter what race
R - is for respect for everyone in this case
I - is for independent,that's what we are
C - is for courage, you'll find that not very far
A - is for America, the country we love            (May 2002)


By Michelle, age 10, Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

At first it was dark and dreary
But now I can see clearly
I saw a light from above
The message was from a dove
He told me to wait one day
I would be rewarded in my own way
How he couldn't say
I don't know will happen to me
I'll just wait and see
I'll wait for it to come
But I don't know where from
I'll be waiting though            (May 2002)

The Key

By Samantha, age 10, Coral Springs, FL, USA

Every day on my way home from school I always pass the old cinema. It is an old rickety place with a humongus sign saying "Cinema II." I've always wonderded, what are thay hiding? It was always locked so no one could come in. I always search around for a key, but no luck so far. I always see a neon green light streaming out through the windows when I come near. I know it's weird but sometimes I think my luck key, which hangs around my neck ever since I found it, will unlock it.

So yesterday I tried the key and it opened! I stepped in and saw cobwebs dangling from every corner of the room. It seemed as a play theater rather then a movie theater.I saw a red door and the sign on it that was too worn to see. I pushed it open and saw a control room. I was so curiuos I tripped over a popcorn bucket and accidently pushd a button marked:a'jactedantal. Thats not a word, I thought.

A green light suddenly burst through the room. It made me lift up and float through the air. I suddenly felt a cold air brush through me. Help! I wanted to scream but I knew no one would answer. Suddenly I fell to the ground and was knocked out. I had a dream that I would have the power to see the future. Cool, I thought sitting up in my bed. It was all a dream and my mom was calling me and my Alphabet Cereal formed "THE KEY."            (May 2002)

It's September 11th

By Padme, age 13, Bardstown, Nelson, USA

The rain is here,
the sun is gone.
The rubble is here,
the Building is gone.
It's a sad day,
It's September 11.


The terrorists came,
people screamed.
The planes exploded,
people died.
It's a sad day,
It's September 11.


The lives were taken,
of innocent and bad.
The terrorist were happy,
and we were sad.
It's a sad day,
It's September 11.            (May 2002)

Why Am I So Shy?

By Jamie, 7th grade, Houghton Middle School, Houghton, Michigan, USA

Why am I so shy?
That I don't know why?
Why do I feel so left out?
Why do I feel so scared?
Why am I so shy?
Why can't I love a normal life?
Why can't I feel as though I belong?
Why am I so shy?
Why can't I feel as though I have a meaning?
Why am I so shy?
That I don't know why.
I have been searching for 13 years.
I still haven't found out.
Why am I so shy?
That I do not know.
Someone tell me what to do.
Someone tell me what meaning I have in life.
Tell me why.
Why I am so shy.            (May 2002)

My Homeland

By Pratigya, 14, Galaxy Public School, Nepal

I am here away from you,
you remember me don't you?
I lived there, by the valley of KATHMANDU,
and it was there, I played and laughed with you.

I didn't realize this when I was there,
but it was too late when I realised it here.
I thought foreign is great, new friends eh!
mates tried to warn me but I was busy in hi!

As I am already here, now it is out of hand,
I ended up here away from you in a foreign land.
apart from the similar normal life there,
I seem to miss everything here.

I love you and want to be back there with you,
But there seems no way back once you are here.
I will be back there in two more years,
but I want to be there now, how can I wait a year?

A Family

By Kristen, 12, Grade 6, USA

A family is something you should hold onto forever.
A family is something you should always treasure.
A family should mean the world to you,
even when all of the times are blue.
You should always remember to love each other,
even in the cloudiest weather.

Happiest day of my life

By Anum, 13, 9th year, Divisional Model School, Fasialabad, Pakistan

It is diffcult to define happiness. At the best it considered in relation to certain attributes the word happy is characterised by content, well being and pleasurer. It indicates a satisfied state of mind.
Happiness is such a wonderful thing leads you towards a happy life , the topic to discuss is which is the happiest day of my life. Well it was my birthday. It was on 22nd April. That day I woke up early in the morning.
My bother, my sister, father and my mother wished me a pleasant surprise that we have arranged a bithday party for you. Then in great excitement I went to the phone and held it and started dialling number of them to my birthday party.
I went to kitchen where my mother was preparing a meal for party with our house servant, she was very sad. I asked my mother what happened and why she was weeping? My mother told me that the daughter of our house servant was ailing and she did not have enough money for her medical treatment. I decided in my mind that the money which my father, mother, grandmother and grandfather, uncle and aunt would gave me on my birthday, I will give to her daughter. I told my mother about this, my mother kissed my forehead and encouraged me. I was feeling very happy that my mother encouraged me.
Then I helped my mother in preparing meal. I decorated the dining room with balloons, then I set the plates on the dining table. Then I went to cake shop and get the chocolate cake from there.
In the evening the guests started arriving. My friends, uncle, aunts etc. Near about eight o'clock I cut a cake. All of them clapped and wished me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". I enjoyed the party very much, but I was also worried about my servant's daughter. After the party I went to my servant and gave her rupees that I had collected on my birthday. She was staring at my face in surprise and happily. My mother said her to accept it but she did not consider it. I requested her that I did not consider her as a servant but as a sister.
She accepted it. I was very happy. I did not know in what way I can describe my feelings that were in my heart. She thanked me so much. I was very happy that I used the money in right way.
I think that was the happiest day of my life.that day.
I felt near to my God.

The whirlpool of terror!

By Adi, 11, Year 6, Sheep Dip Lane Primary School, Doncaster, England

Ben tugged hard at the steering wheel, trying to direct it away from the terror! But the boat would not turn, it sounded crazy... but to Ben, it seemed like the boat WANTED to go into the whirlpool. But Ben didn't care if the boat wanted to go into it, he DIDN'T!!
He pulled long and hard, but alas.. he just couldn't get it to turn, so he began to tug less and put less strength into it. He sat down on the chair and began to say his prayers, but these didn't last long as the boat gave a violent jerk, then was pulled inside the whirlpool's terror!
When the boat jerked, Ben had been thrown against the wall of the ship and had gone unconscious. As he lay upon the floor, his eyes finally opened, they flickered then shut again, but Ben, realising where they were, jerked them open again and looked around, he ran to the window, outside he could see the deadly walls of the whirlpool, thrashing and swirling in anger. Just then a small black animal caught his eye, as he looked closer, he saw it was a small dog.
'No..' he thought' It can't be dead can it...oh no it can't be because it's thrashing its legs all over the place". Suddenly another large black thing caught his eye, he realised it was a shark... heading for the dog.
Without thinking, he ran up to the door leading to top deck, he flung it open, taking a deep breath, and swam outside!
The water encircled him, binding him like a snake with its prey. He opened his eyes, the salt made them sting, but he didn't care, he wasn't going to let a poor defenseless dog get hurt. He could just make out the shark and the dog in front of him, he tried to swim forward, but the more he tried, the more the water held him back. Just then a humongous wave swept over the whirlpool taking ben with it. The wave practically took Ben over to the dog, Ben put his arms around it and began to swim back to the door, he didn't care if a boat load of water got inside as long as it didn't flood the ship! It wasn't quite as hard to swim now as he was swimming with the current, he grabbed the door, tugged really hard and finally flung it open, he pushed the door shut with a mighty fight, as the shark narrowly missed his foot!


By Alex, 9, USA

It was my birthday. I quickly got out of bed and got dressed. In my family they celebrate your birthday with a kwanta, tree and 3 birthday presents. A kwanta is a box that our whole family shares. It holds family possessions. And we put one more thing of ours in every birthday. Our kwanta goes back to 1871!
Our tree is decorated with special painted happy birthday ornaments and pictures of us at every age. We only get three presents but they are all big. You get one from your family, one from alll your friends that they buy or make together, and the last is a surprize gift you get under the tree and it is only from one person.
Charlie my grandpa picks the surprize person for every person in our family. That person picks out a present that has to do with he or she. If it is expensive everybody helps out. The friends present is opened first then the family and last the surprize. It was always fun to guess who it was. I ran down stairs everybody was waiting for us.
They were giggling. We had cake, then finally birthday presents. My friends handed me theirs. It was in a bright blue huge package. I opened it. It was the computer I had been begging for. Then I opened my family's it was in a small purple bag. I opeed it and saw a beautiful jewel necklace. I put it on and smiled. I had been asking for real jewelry every day at 5:00 since I was 7. I was turning ten now.
Last I opened the surprize present that was under the tree. It was a small package and turned out to be a envelope. I opened it. It said, LOOK OUTSIDE. I looked out the window and saw a little black labrador. I ran out and hugged it. It would be

All of us

By Samantha and Jenny, 13, Wallasey School, Merseyside, UK

At Christmas time when were having fun.
The children of Africa will be under their sun.
For most there's no presents, no roads, no bus.
The only water they will see is in a hungry child's tear.
Think of them then think of yourself it could be you.

On a Turkish Hill

By Jason, 12, Year 8, Te Rapa Primary School, Hamilton, New Zealand

ANZAC day is a day celebrated in New Zealand and Australia to celebrate a day that ANZACS landed on Turkish beach and were getting shot at from above by the Turkish army.

ANZACS died for us on a Turkish kill
They had no hope climbing up that hill
The general was mistaken
Lots of lives were taken
The Axis are under control
Our guys are getting shot on patrol
I just saw my best friend die
I wish I were home in bed watching time fly
Age shall not weary them
Nor the years condem
We will remember them

Selfish Sister

By Krissie, 12, Year 7, Dartmouth Community College, Galmpton, Devon, UK

"....And don't forget that you are in charge of Angelica, and if she tells me that you have wronged her in any way, I will ground you for a month, got that?"
Mum slid into her boyfriend's car and waved as it drove off.
"Yeah, see you later." I muttered.
My name is Crystal, and I HATE it when mum goes off with her boyfriend, because she leaves me with my sister and always threatens me with being grounded if my sister tells her of any wrong doings I have done. That means my selfish sister can blackmail me into doing whatever she wants, and if I don't let her, she goes and tells mum a lie that I raided the fridge and ate all the cookies, or something like that.
I walked back down the path and my sister, Angelica, stood there, in the doorway, smirkimg at me.
I walked past her and she said "So, Crystal, looking forward to another night of sisterly dealing?" She laughed.
"You know it isn't dealing, Angelica, so stop trying to make stupid sarcastic remarks." I snarled.
"I want to eat every packet of HARIBO STARMIX." She replied coldly.
"Oh, you are so greedy. They are mum's fav sweets, you eat them all and she will notice." I retorted.
"Yeah, I know, that's why YOU are eating them when she gets back." She laughed for so long and I was so angry I was hoping she would choke. But she didn't.
"OK OK I will, don't flip your lid. GEE." I ran through the hall to the kitchen, where I grabbed the bowl of STARMIX and gave it to her. She grabbed the top packet and when she got to the stairs, she turned and headed up to my room, where she proceded to kick my quilt on the floor and flopped down on my bed, but not before she asked me to turn on the TV and fetch mum's best pillows so she could sit up. I was tempted to be grounded forever so I could slap her round the face. But my little secret kept me from that and I fetched the pillows.
"What time is mum coming home tonight?" She demanded.
"11 o'clock." I said icily.
"Right, you will start tidying up at quarter to and if mum suspects me one incy bit, I will get you gro..."
"Yeah yeah until I'm 18." I sighed. She is so annoying all the time.
The last half hour was hell: 'do this, do that, now tidy up.'
But I did it all 'cause my secret would stop this all together.
Mum arrived and put Angelica to bed and I took something out of my jumper.
"This better be good." She said.
"Just do it before you go out again." I replied. "See you in the morning."
The next day, I looked at mum quizzically and she nodded. I smiled.
Angelica came in to the kitchen and said "Mum, Crystal ate..."
"CRYSTAL?" Asked mum. I had to look away to stop myself laughing.
"Yeah, who else? I wouldn't eat...."
"Sit down and listen to this tape I got last night." said mum, coldly. I turned on the tape-recorder and there was some crackling, then---"I want to eat every packet of HARIBO STARMIX...."
Angelica froze as her voice issued out of the speakers.
"Yes, Angelica.You. A couple of days before I went out with Jackson last night, Crystal came to me and told me about what you were doing to her when I was out. She told me about the blackmailing. She told me that all the things that had happened was your fault. I didn't believe her at first, but she told me that if she could borrow a small microphone from Jackson's train-spotting kit then she would have proof of your doings. So I did. She came back to me and gave me the tape of you and said that she hadn't moved any of the things that you had done, I matched the proof to the sounds and found that Crystal was telling the truth, not you. For punishment, I will tell you something. I am not going to tolerate this bad behavior. I will give you to your evil dad. I knew one of you two would be more like him than me. So, now I have found out who, you will be given to him. Too many a time has Crystal proved that you are not like me in many ways, so pack your bags and I will phone your dad and tell him to come and get you."
Angelica looked at mum with total shock in her eyes, then she looked at me with pure evil. She stomped upstairs and was back down in half an hour with everything small enough to pack. Dad was standing in the drive way. Mum wouldn't let him in the house. Angelica ran to him and they both got in the car and drove off without a second glance back.
"I'm so glad they are gone. Now we need to sort everything out and get into a routine without bending over backwards for her every two seconds." said mum in relief.
"Come on, fried breakfast and i'm pulling out all stops from now on." declared mum. I whooped and smiled. Life was going to be better without the dark child hanging round my neck. Yep, I was looking forward to the rest of my life without Angelica. I ran into the house and shouted " We're free!!!!!"
Mum smiled.

The View

By Josh, 13, Year 8, Witchford Village College, Witchford, Ely, Cambridge, UK

The feeling of death and lonely ghosts fill the air,
From here where I stand, the focus, twin and stare,
The dark orange clouds fill the sky with a bright ray,
The sad presence of death will not get in my way,
Dry crusty grass, drained of colour, crunch under feet,
And the warm, wild winds fill my cold body with heat,
The thick swirling grey fog rolls around by my leg,
Lost souls cry in the field, and for freedom they beg.

The Killer Cousin

By Bonnie, 10, Grade 4, Hawthorne PEARLS School, Bronxville, New York, USA

As I run at full speed with the wind in my hair,
I dare not look back for I am scared to see,
My little cousin chasing after me,
With a wooden spoon in one hand and a rock in the other,
I hope she doesn't hurt me like she did to my brother,
Running as fast as I can,
Because Gaby The Hurricane is stronger than any man,
She knows karate and is insane,
I hope I run fast enough or I'll be in pain,

Running and running will my lungs pop?
Running and running will she ever stop?
She was chasing the ice cream truck!


By Nicole, 14, IHS School, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

There was an awful girl we knew, she was a mighty pain
Cause she was always turning up her nose in sheer disdain
She’d a nose that could smell trouble,it could smell another’s dirt
Until one day she found a foul smell right beneath her shirt
She held her breath with potent strength, till she nearly turned blue
Yet all her efforts were in vain, she didn’t know what do
She scrubbed herself, she washed until her skin turned wrinkly pink
But nothing that she tried to do would rid her of the stink
I warn you don’t attempt to try enhance your sense of smell
For things will hardly ever, rather NEVER turn out well.

Moonlight Owl Dance

By Danica, 10, Grade 5, Vancouver, Washington, USA

One night, when I was in bed safe and tucked away, I heard a soft, almost like moaning sound. It was tempting, tantalizing. I jerked up in bed, listening, waiting, and watching. My dark hair flew into my eyes and my maple-sugar colored skin glimmered in the ghostly moonlight streaming from the dark window. Then I heard it again. “Emma!” I whispered fiercely. My older sister yawned.
“Lizzie, this is the fourth time you woke me up! I'm going to tell Mom if you keep it up,” she complained.
“Emma, this time I know I heard something,” I insisted, “and we are going to find whoever or whatever is making that sound.”
“Elizabeth, I'm not going to help you,” she said. “Ever since we moved here, you've let your imagination run away with you. Now go back sleep!”
“Emma, I have to know what that sound is,” I pleaded.
“Well, all right, but don't wake Mom and Dad,” she warned, looking at me sternly.
We crept into the hallway. The thick green carpet tickled our feet and reminded us where we were headed. In the daytime rays of golden sunbeams danced on the windows and the whole house was overflowing with light, but now there wasn't a shred of light anywhere, and the house seemed haunted and deadly, with the silver shadows hiding secret and spooky corners..
“I think it came from the study,” I barely whispered. We slowly approached the door, waiting for a hideous bloodthirsty monster to jump out at us. Just the thought made my skin crawl and goose bumps prickle. We opened the door and the strange moaning sound shot through the glittering window. We shrieked, almost bolting from the room.
Regaining our courage, we edged slowly towards the window. Our feet made the slightest shuffling noises as we An eerie moonbeam jitterbugged on the floor. It seemed to be taunting us, “You’re too scared.”
I became more determined to stay and I think Emma did too. Just as we reached the window ........................we froze. There, in front of our eyes, two snow owls were mating. Their colors perfectly matched the thin layer of snow falling peacefully outside. The remaining moonlight shimmered on their glowing white feathers.
They looked as if they were dancing. Emma carefully pushed the crystallized frosty window open and we stared at them for what seemed like forever. Then I sneezed somewhat violently and we caught the owls attention. They looked at us and the female cocked her head. Emma and I giggled.
“Jewel,” I said suddenly.
“What?” Emma asked, puzzled.
“Her name should be Jewel,” I announced. Emma smiled.
“I'll call him Snowy,” she said, pointing. Then Jewel hopped daintily on my finger, and I was so surprised I nearly fainted! Snowy then followed her example and flew gracefully onto Emma's shoulder. They stood there for several minutes gazing at us, then slowly lifted their wings, let out an extended gentle hoot, and glided swiftly into the dark, lonely night.
We stood at the window listening to the owls' hooting threading through the piney trees back to us. I’ll never forget that night, the fear, the owls, the strong smell of pine trees and the delight of the snow. Yes, I’ll always remember the night of the Moonlight Owl Dance.

The Carsons' Mansion

By Becky, 11, Year 6, St Luke's Primary School, Sway, Hampshire, UK

"Hurry up, it'll be fun," Ginger whispered.
We were outside the old Carsons mansion, the tale is that while old Mr Carson was sleeping, his wife chopped off his head and she got £1,000,000 life insurance.
Mr Carson's ghost came back to haunt her, she fled and the ghost still remained there, unable to leave, waiting for her to return.
We went in, Ginger split us up into two groups, and we started to explore. Suddenly we heard a blood curdling scream and Ginger's group
was being chased down the old orchard by a silvery shadow. We all ran and didn't look back.
No-one ever went back again, certainly not Ginger anyway.

The Lost Boy

By Megan, 11, 5th grade, Tri-Valley (Adamsville Elementry) School, Adamsville, Ohio, USA

There once was a boy named Nathen Townith. Nathen's parents had died in an airplane crash when Nathen was only 3 years old. Nathen lived with his grandmother Agathia Smale. Nathen had a very BIG problem. Nathen was planing to kill himself. Nobody knew about his secret, but his girlfriend Sabrina. Sabrina felt that it was wrong to keep his secret bottled up inside of her. Every night Sabrina would cry herself to sleep thinking what might her boyfriend try next to hurt himself.
On Thursday the month of January on the day of the 18 Sabrina could not take the guilt anymore so she called the suicide hotline for Nathen. The girl that was supervising the hotline spread the secret about Nathen, and when Nathen got wind of it he went ballistic. He went off on Sabrina, luckily the Police Officers were already there for a D.A.R.E. program and herd the LOUD yelling and took Nathen to the Juvenile Detention Center.
One year later when Nathen got out he was a changed man. He went over to Sabrina's house and apologized to her face to face. Nathen was a changed man the rest of his life. He lived Happily ever after!

You Think You're Cool...

By Brittney, 14, 8th grade, Nebraska City Middle School, Nebraska City, USA

You think you're cool,
I think you're wrong.
Just because you're hott,
But not for long.

You may be popular now.
But you won't always be.
So enjoy it while you can,
Soon you'll pay the fee.

All that make up and all,
Hides the true you.
But that is probably good,
Because you belong in a zoo.

Popularity won't stay,
It won't be there forever.
Just remember, you snot,
I AM better.

This is about how popularity fades and true inner beauty is always there and always better.


By Hannah, 13, Grade 8, Custer County Middle School, Westcliffe, Custer County, USA

There's this girl I know,
She's different from everyone else I know,
The way she looks,
The clothes she wears,
Even the way she wears her hair,
It's different,
It's all different,
She gets teased,
She gets bullied,
But, they don't know what it's like to be different,
I know this girl very well,
She's more than a friend to me,
That girl is me.

Mother and Dad

By Courtney, 12, Grade 5, South Wellington School, Nanimo, NZ

I love my Mother I love my Dad.
I even love them when I'm mad.
And when I'm sad
they come and get me make me glad.
And when I'm frightend when I'm scared
they come and get me and they care.
And when theres something I can't do
they come and say I'll help you!
now I'm doing something for you
I hope you like it I really do!

Space Race

By Liam, 13, Year 8, Witchford Village College, Witchford, Ely, Cambridge, UK

Inside the gas giant, a wormhole had formed,
Absorbing and destroying everything.
The multi-coloured spiral slowly spinning,
It spun calmly on a sea of dusty orange.

All the ships tried to flee, but most overheated,
Only the tarnished-golden Mother Ship escaped.
The sight was of overwhelming awe and yet sad,
The last colossal meteor was devoured.

The lady at the lake

By Cassie, 10, 4th grade, Centennial Elementary School, Fargo, North Dakota, USA

Once upon a time...... John, Cassie, and Justin were playing cards in the bunkhouse on Mantrap lake. All of a sudden, they heard a tap on the window.
"What was that?" Cassie stammered.
"I don't know. Probably just a tree branch or something. It is pretty windy and dark out there." replied John.
"Oh." Cassie said.
They continued their game.
They heard the noise again but it was louder and Justin saw what it was.
"Did you see that?" asked Justin nervously.
"See what?" asked John.
" That finger on the window." replied Justin.
"What do you mean?" Cassie asked.
"The bony finger on the window. It couldn't have been any of our parents, they're sleeping." said Justin.
"I'll go check." said John and looked out the window.
"Hide!!" He yelled.
Cassie scrambled under the blankets and Justin ran under the bed and John went between two mattresses. A hooded figure came into the room. She came so close to John he didn't even breathe.
"Where are the three kids?" demanded the figure. She must have been a woman. She sure sounded like one.
"Come out!" she yelled again.
Justin got out.
"What do you want?" he asked bravely.
"I want you!" she screamed and the next thing they knew the lights flashed and when they turned on again the door slammed.
John and Cassie got out from their hidding places.
"Where's Justin?" Cassie stammered.
"I don't know," replied John, just as scared.
"Oh no!" they screamed and ran out to their parents' cabin.
As for Justin, he was never seen again.


By Carley, 10, Year 5, St Stephens Primary School, Banks, UK

I smiled all over Britain
I smiled all over France
I smiled all over the USA
And it started to be a dance

I smiled around a corner
I smiled around a house
I smiled all over the Earth
And I turned out as a mouse!

P.S. Hi everyone in class 6


By Dominick, 11, Grade 5, Harold Sheppard School, Canada (Quebec)

One day in second grade a girl who came from a French school changed to English school. Her mother was there with her for her first day at school. Her name was Chloe and she was all alone watching me and my friends play. My friends were Jenny, Stephanie, Marie-Christine and Vanessa. I went up to her and her mother to ask if she would like to come play tag with us. Chloe did not answer me. She was still watching my other friends. Her mother told me that she would be okay and that I could go along and play and not worry about her. Ever since that day i was her BEST friend!
Well at the beginning of grade five me her and Marie-Christine and Melissa were all so good friends but then came the trouble we started arguing on the simplest things.
We would have to talk with special people about that and we would always hate one of us wetherit would be me, Chloe, Melissa, Marie-Christine. But we kept on having problems because we were not compatible with the ladies because we did not know them and then they would go tell the teacher.
Then Chloe's aunt came to work at our school and she hated her aunt, so we tried to talk with her but if we were to get one problem fixed then another one stared. It never ended, the crying in the bathrooms during class, going to the office instead of working! Now we are not all friends any more. The first one to leave was Melissa because she kept going home and falling apart. Then we just decided to be normal friends.
Then about two to three weeks before May 15 2001 me and Chloe had a fight and we were separated by many things, boys, secrets, RESPECT! Then we started speaking to this woman, she now comes in every two Tuesday's to see how were doing.
Well that day we had to talk to Chloe and it was not a pretty picture. We were influenced to be her friend. I said "no" Iwill not be forced if I don't want to, but my friend Marie-Christine told me she would be her friend.
Then the next day I went up to Chloe saying we have to talk. I said "I would like to be your friend if we dont hang out together" she said "okay" then we were friends "again". Then a couple of days later Marie-Christine came to me saying that Chloe is getting on her nerves! I told this would have happened again and told her me too.
Then Chloe did not come to school
The next day Marie-Christine and me are still, today, trying to tell her how we felt, hoping she would understand but we will try and tell her every day but we get plugged and cant speak and start to laugh.
The End

Retrieving From Within

By Jaide, 10, Grade 5, Mamie Towles Elementary School, Reno, Nevada, USA

As the days pass by,
I feel as though I should and might cry,
Ashamed and filled with pride,
I cry all my tears inside.
Although I may be quite sad,
People think, from the way I act, I am glad.
It’s true sadness sometimes fills me,
People don’t know how I feel by what they see.
Maybe I should cry out loud,
Though I know shall no longer people be proud,
Maybe I should retrieve the tears from me,
And not always act the way people think I should be.
Yet over the years, many have dies,
During which my face has stayed dry.
I laughed while I cried,
I let all my tears dry inside.
I should retrieve the tears from within me,
Maybe I’ll become happier, just maybe, and that I shall see.

My Nose

By Raysa, 12, Grade 6, Mackinon Middle School, Wharton, NJ, USA

It doesn't breathe;
It doesn't smell;
It doesn't feel
So very well.
I am discouraged
With my nose;
The only thing it
Does is blow.

Weeping Willow

By Andrea, age 12, Kelowna

Weeping Willow, why are your branches hanging low?
And why are you shaking nakedly in the cold snow?
You're suppose to be standing proud and tall,
Don't you have any strength or courage at all?
Weeping Willow, why do you have tears running down your eyes?
Is it because someone told you lies?
Why is your bark rotting away?
Was it because no one wanted to play with you today?
Weeping Willow. . . why are your leaves falling down?
And why do you have such a big frown?
Sometimes a weeping willow reminds you of a person,
Sad and low, rotting, cold,
Lonely, cowardly, young and old.
Mad with anger, leaves in a fluster,
Or ashamed with leaves crowding in a cluster.
I don't think a Weeping Willow is very bad,
All it is, is something sad.


By Lisa, age 15, Brisbane, Australia

You are the flame that keeps me alive.
You shall not be extinguished
For my life depends on your existence.
Your heat, your warmth
Laces me with pure passion.
I remain bathed in your intense light
That so beautifully preserves me.
As you sway gracefully
I reach for you,
I yearn to be a part of you.
I cherish being in your presence
You enlighten me.
You burn with a strong desire
Blazing eternally beneath my flesh,
Flickering within my soul forever,
Creating vitality and energy to my life.
I feel you so deeply.
You shall not be extinguished
For my life depends on your existence.

The News

By Emma, age 11, Year 6, Someries Junior School, Luton, England

A newsreading lady called Sally,
One day went completely doo-lally!
She said "people are down in the dumps,
From bad news, sad stories and grumps.
So I'll cheer them up with some stories,
Of fun, laughter and glories.
Here's news that should cheer you all up,
England have won the world cup!
And now that the fun has begun,
Price of sweets down to 2P a tonne!
Amazingly my cat called Antone,
Has joined up with popstars Boyzone!"
Said newsreader Sam in dismay,
"Sal's acting in such a strange way.
She's gone crackers, quite flipped her lid,
That's what she's just gone and did!
It seems quite good fun I suppose,"
And with that, Sam took off his clothes.
It's time we were leaving this pair
Having good fun on the air
They soon banished everyone's blues,
And that is the end of the news!!

Wouldn't it be Strange If....

By Laura, age 11, Yucaipa

Wouldn't it be strange if looking out the window into the front yard, we could see it transforming into a wild jungle? Then the garden hose would emerge as a brave snake guarding the entrance to our castle, hissing and spitting at anything that dares to confront him. Watching carefully for uninvited guests,I could see him curling up ready to strike. The fierce, bold look in his eyes would scare anyone away in a heart beat. Wouldn't it be strange if everywhere you look, the world was your imagination?

Nature's Jewel

By Maureen, age 12, 7th grade, Lundahl Middle School, Crystal Lake, IL, USA

A mournful cry echoes throughout the land,
A golden mist covers the ground.
Snow shows white like powdered sugar,
As they come out to bound around.
They look like ghosts in the silver rays of the moon,
Their eyes twinkle like dew upon grass.
White stars fall to the snowy ground as frosty winds blow,
And they run swiftly past.
How beautiful they look with their eyes so gentle and kind,
Their song full of spirit and pride.
Growls and barks roll like thunder,
Their flowing movements like the tide.
Skies turn pink as the moon and stars melt away,
Birds sing a song of night to day.
The bees begin to buzz as the flowers awaken to bloom,
As the little ones run off to play.
Giving playful barks as they give chase,
Bounding in the tall grass as smells swirl around.
How cute they are as playful as can be,
Letting out a joyful sound.
This is a creature of wisdom of hope,
Of strength and power with so much love.
A creature of mystery of faith and good will,
They run all around you and even above.
This is the gift of God,
Of Mother Nature,
Of the angels above,
This is nature's jewel… the mighty wolf.


By Kate, age 13, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA

Geraldine Tschumi was my Mimi. She put me in high spirits whenever I was down. She had a million dollar smile with straight white teeth, and the smallest lips you would ever see. Her high cheekbones were as red as a rose and as shiny as a newly polished apple. Her eyes hid behind large spectacles, but anyone could tell they were blue with envy. Her ear lobes drooped from wearing hoops all the time, and her nose was straight. Her hair was no hair at all, but a wig, but it's curly brown swirls lifted high on her head, still gave me the memories of her looks. Her hands were small, and her fingers were bony. She always wore her wedding ring that held secrets and memories in every scratch upon its surface. Her husband, Harry Tschumi passed away in 1981. She had a small limp figure, and a small high voice. Wrinkles showed here and there, mainly along the outline of her face.
Mimi's house was small with a freshly cut lawn and the smell of blooming flowers. There was a Radford Pear tree that my mom planted her for Mothers Day, it was towards the right had corner of her front yard. When you entered her house, the bitter, sweet aroma of perfume flooded your nose and hypnotized your senses.
Straight ahead was a large living room with a couch, a chair and a television, off the to the corner. On the far wall was a fireplace with a big, life size doll placed in front of it. I called it Kissy. Next to the fireplace was a door that led into the backyard.
To the left of the front door was the dining room. It was surrounded with windows, and had a china cabinet with a large wooden table in the center.
To the right of the door was a hallway with a bathroom, a few closets, and to the left, her bedroom.
In the very back of the house, off of the Dining room, was the Kitchen. My parents took me to Mimi's house whenever we got the opportunity, normally once or twice a week. I would love to go over and get into her hallway closet and pull out the "fun box." It contained dominoes and action figures, and anything a young child would want to play with. We used to take our dog Marty to her house and release her into Mimi's backyard. Mimi loved Marty; she would always pick her up and place her into her warm lap. Mimi would keep her while we were on vacation or out of town. Marty died this summer.
I remember once my mom had surgery on her foot and she couldn't walk for along time. Mimi was there everyday after Pre-school to take care of me until my Dad got home. Once, Mimi spent the night our house because the electricity was out at hers. She slept in my room and, I remember I got scared in the middle of the night and crawled into bed with her. When I woke up, she was gone.
I used to spend the night at her house when my parents were on business trips or out of town. I remember we used to take long walks with Marty and talk about everything that came to mind. She was really open and could tell me anything. I used to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor next to her bed. I remember Mimi told me once that I climbed onto her bed and jumped off, she said that I didn't land on my feet that I landed on my bottom.
When I was 6 years old, Mimi had to go to the hospital. I wasn't quite sure why, but I didn't think it was bad. My parents were always going over to the hospital to visit her. I asked them once if I could come along. They told me that it would be best that I stayed at home. So weeks and weeks passed and I had still not seen my Mimi! What's going on??
One morning, I woke up and wandered into the bathroom where my parents were. My mom was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, her eyes all watery and red, and she had a sad frown upon her face. My dad was standing with his hands over his eyes as if he didn't want me to see him crying. My mom took me upon her lap and said, "Kate, Mimi died this morning." I just sat there, "How?" I asked, "She died of Cancer Kate," my mom told me.
I didn't understand what was going on. All I understood was that I would never see her again. I would never take long walks in the cool summer breeze, or sit in her lap as she spoke to me, in that way she always did. I would never sit on the floor and play a game of dominoes in her sweet smelling house, or run around her yard till I was tired. I would never again wrap my arms around her small waist and listen to her heartbeat. I would never again see her smile that always lit up my day. I would never again hear her laugh, or see her cry.
I remember her funeral, I cans till see her long wooden coffin with colorful flowers laid across it. I remember bowing my head to pray, and I remember meeting all of her friends.
I remember when we went to her house one last time to pack all of her stuff up. I remember going over to the hallway closet and opening it up to see no familiar jackets or old boxes with labels that I could not yet read, and no brooms or vacuum cleaners. But there sitting in front of me was the "Fun box." Taking it out, I slowly opened the top to see the pack of dominoes. I took it to the center of the floor, wear I always did, and poured the old dominoes out. One by one, I began to set them up in a line.
I remember walking over to Kissy and picking her up and telling her that I was her Mama now.
I just recently went over to her graveyard and planted bulbs in the soft earth in front of it. As I dug deeper and deeper to put the bulbs in, I thought, "I am closer to Mimi than I have been in years."
My mom has an old bottle of perfume sitting on her makeup table that was Mimi's. Sometimes I go in and smell it trying hard to remember the smell.
Geraldine Tschumi was my Mimi.

Lucy and Ginger's adventure

By Vandana, age 7, Primary 2, Dazhong Primary School, Singapore

After school, I saw out from my class window. I noticed that it was raining cats and dogs. I did not have an umbrella, so I asked my best friend. Oh! What a friend she is. She loved cats and had one in her shoulder. So she wanted to give the cat shelter. And she was sure for her parents will say no for the poor, shivering cat. So she just wanted to leave it near her house and play with it in the afternoon at her garden. But the cat will not be there at all.
One afternoon, my friend went to the garden and looked under a Banyan Tree where she left her cat, Ginger. It was not there. My friend Lucy was shocked. She ran inside her house to ask mother for more time, because she wanted to search for Ginger. She asked me to help her.
I and Lucy did not find her at all. So she returned home sadly. Then I found some cat's paw-prints. I quickly called Lucy. I and Lucy followed the paw-prints. It ended in a forest. Lucy could hear the purring of a cat. But Lucy was not sure if it was her cat because, many cats lived there. But she followed the purring. She hid behind a tree and saw several cats. They were jumping up and down.
Lucy was sad she could not find her cat, so in that anger, she shouted at them, "You cats don't you all have sense. Many people live here."
But the cats just did not care. Now Lucy was angry. She went near each and every cat to see if one of them is Ginger. But none of them was Ginger. Now that she was getting tired, she went near the group of cats after finding for Ginger.
Since she loved cats, she chose a black cat, and went home. When she went to her bedroom, the first thing she did was to go to her bed and see how the cat looked. She switched on the light. Wow! For she was a lucky person, it was Ginger. She quickly told me the news. I wiped my tears and a smile came in my face. Lucy kissed Ginger and fell fast asleep.

The Ride of Imagination

By Vicki, age 9, Swindon, UK

My mind is
Taking me onboard
a world of destinations,
It's picking me up,
Taking me far,
On the ride of Imagination,
Always believing,
Far and wide,
Never in devastation,
Up! Come aboard,
the ride of Imagination!

The Cycle

By Nick, age 13, Powell Middle School, Washington, Michigan, USA

I stand tall and proud surveying my land, for I am the tallest and largest thing on this earth. Many seasons have come and passed me by in life, now I will describe what the four seasons are like to me.
Winter is the season when all of me is covered by snow. I hate winter it is my worst season. During the winter the pines smell the best. I become very annoyed when I feel people going down me on two fiberglass things on their feet and when they're poking into me with those annoying poles. The birds with their beautiful songs have left me. Oh how I dislike winter because I like to hear those little songs that they chirp on a nice spring day. Those people are careless when they shout because the snow on me fly's down at a hundred miles per hour and I can't stop it. Most of the animals have left me now or are hibernating. Oh how I wish I could fly south for the winter just like the birds.
When spring arrives, life starts to come back to my slopes. The trees that have lost their leaves to winter are now budding again and the birds have come back. Oh how I like the birds and their songs I love hearing them. The snow begins to melt off of part of me but not up on my head. That stays all year round. I still feel people on me. This time I think they are attempting to climb up to my head even though none have reached it yet. I now can feel people-machines carving away at my sides and other machines dumping some hot black stuff on me, which burns really bad. Oh how I dislike those people. Before they ever came, my slopes were quiet and peaceful and there were lots of animals running about on me and lots of trees. There were no dreadful machines making loud noises so that I couldn't hear the birds chirping.
During the summer the birds have laid their eggs and most of the snow has melted off of me except of course the snow on my head. During this season the streams and brooks all on my slopes are running the strongest because of all the thawing of ice and snow. This is when the most people and animals are on my slopes. I am very populated during this season. The trees have all sprouted new leaves while the sun glares down at my back leaving the front of me shadowed. It rains on me a lot, not as much as spring, but I still get soaked. Now let's get to autumn. Oh how I like autumn.
When my favorite season autumn comes around you should see me! I look great with all the colored leaves on the trees all around my slopes. Most of the baby birds have hatched from their eggs and even some of them are learning to fly. Those cheery old birds. Sometimes I wish I was one so I didn't have to stay in the same place, unmoving, for the rest of my life.
During late autumn the birds begin to leave, the trees are bare and most of the animals have left. While all this is going on I know that my most hated season, winter, is poking its head around the corner.
So this endless circle of seasons, of thousands upon thousands of years that I have gone through, still continues. It has never changed, even though I sometimes wish autumn would give winter a miss and go straight to spring.
I am a mountain who stands tall and proud surveying the land around me and talking to my brothers to the right and left of me. My life is running short for I fear one of these days I will blow my top and never see a season again.

Editor's Award Winner

My big surprise

By Becky, 12, Essex, England

It was a normal boring saturday night, i was trying not to think of tomorrow when i had to go back to boarding school. Its not fair my sister desnt have to go. Why me? I was watching a boring old film on channel 1. I crouched down to pick up the t.v guide, the National lottery was next. I didnt want to watch that, what was the point? no one ever won it was just a waste of money on the ticket. I sauntered up to my bedroom and slumped down on my bed. I must have drifted of to sleep as the next thing in knew there were shrieks and screams from downstairs. " Laura, Laura wake up!"
"w-w-w-w-w what?" Imanaged to stumble out!
"Laura, we've won the lottery!"
I was so surprised I rang up my friend Caroline and told her we were all speechless. We had just won over 5 million pounds what were we going to spend it on? My mum later told me that I didn't have to go back to boarding school. I was so happy I shrieked!

The Magical Potion

By Taylor, 8, Birmingham, UK

Drink me! That was what it said on the bottle I found in the park. "Shall I drink it?, should I drink it? what should I do? I know my mum would never let me drink a potion that I found on the floor, but oh! this looks so delicious, well here goes." I guzzled down the potion and the moment I did oh how I wish I hadn't.

My tummy started to hurt, like it had never hurt before. I bellowed with pain, Iwas so angry at myself for drinking this silly potion. I began to get scared.

I looked down at my aching belly to my surprise it was beating up and down as fast as a cheeta ruuning through the forrest. Then without warning my tummy suddenly started to sing. The music was the best sound that I had ever heard. I lay back and began to watch the clouds flow by. The beautiful music and the relaxing sky made me fall fast asleep.

"Come on wake up!" shouted Mum "You'll be late!"
"What? was I asleep? was it a dream, or was it real? did I really be so silly as to drink the magic potion?"

.....We'll never know!!!!!!!!!!!

The Alien Named Bob

By Silent, 14, CA, USA

Long ago in a solar system far away there lived an alien named Bob. Bob didnt have many friends on the planet he lived on called Livertool, he envied all the aliens that did have many friends.One day Bob had an idea how to make friends. He thought that you make friends by having lots of maoney, so Bob got a job. Bob made lots of money, yet he still didnt have any freinds. Then Bob thought that you had to have the coolest styles of clothing to make friends, so he got the neatest clothing and wrore them to school. Still he didnt make any friends. Bob started to cry, after all of his hard work trying to make frends, nothing he treid succeeded. The thought he was to never have friends.
Suddenly an alien his age saw him crying.
"Why are you crying?" The alien boy asked.
Bob didn't bother looking up, and answered the kid's question. "I have no friends." Bob sobbed.
The other alien kid didn't have any friends either since he just moved from a planet called Earth. "I don't have any friends either. Do you want to be friends?" The alien asked sitting next to Bob. Bob couldn't believe what he just heard, and looked up at his new found friend.
"Sure I'll be your friend. My name is Bob what is yours?" Bob asked happily.
"My name is Bobby!" The little earthling said overcome with joy.
From that day on Bob and Bobby were the best of friends. Bob realized you don't have to have lots of money and the coolest clothes to make friends, being yourself is enough.


By Ashley, 12, Grade 6, Merton School, Harland, WI, USA

Fun, fun in the sun,
soon that day will come,
and I will have so much fun,
with my friends and with my family,
maybe we can rent a camel to ride together
and have a lot of fun in the sun.

The Most Beautiful Place On Earth

By Amanda, 10, Grade 4, Wilson Elementry School, Sheboygan, WI, USA

It is the day. Today I am leaving my whole life to move to Florida. My dad, mom, and my sister Alyssa too. I do not want to leave my friends and my school. But it might be fun. Anyways my name is Tabatha Bailey. I have very long blond hair, I have blue eyes, and most of all I love to draw. That is how I got myself into this mess. I entered a drawing contest, thinking I would not win. So now, I am leaving for the airport and I have this feeling, that I might like this. I fell asleep on the plane. My Dad woke me up. We are there! My house is on the beach, no houses are by us. But that is O.K. It is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH. When we finished unpacking, my mom said I could go swimming. I was so exited. I went swimming for hours. Then I layed on the beach and fell asleep. When I woke up, I saw the sunset. It was so beautiful, I can not explain it. I love my life now and forever.

The Magician of Guatemala

By Arielle, 11, Grade 5, Sunrise School, Redmond, WA, USA

Once upon a time, there was a magician named Jose. He lived in a town that was at the water's edge. He had always wanted to do tricks for the king of Guatemala. One day, one of the king’s messengers came to the small town that he lived in. The messenger had a scroll that said this: The king will be holding a contest that will choose his new royal magician as well as a husband for his beautiful daughter, Angelica. Come to the palace soon if you want to be a magician of the king. (The king will be building houses for all of the men who come to the palace. The house will be that one man’s dream home.) The royal messenger will write all names below this scroll.
Well Jose was the first and last of his village to sign up. But just before the royal messenger left, a man who looked very rich, but not wise, stepped in front of the messenger’s horse. The messenger was very mad and immediately yelled at the man, “Why do you stand in front of my glimmering steed?” The man stepped out of the shady area of town, which he had been standing in. “I am Hook and I would like to sign up for the contest!” The messenger looked quite surprised that this man hadn’t signed up before but he had to agree with signing him up. “Jose was very disappointed that this man had signed up, but he needed competition or this contest would be no fun.

Jose walked toward Hook and asked, “Hello, Hook! I believe we haven’t met before. Where have you been living all these years?” Hook looked secretly at Jose and responded by saying “I’ve been living in the evil town with my parents. I never liked living there! I had no friends because I didn’t like doing evil magic. All my family and friends were magicians. Well, that’s enough of that talk. What’s your name?” “My name is Jose. I live at the house that is at the back of town. I think you and I will be competing against each other!” Jose happily said. “Oh my! I’ve got to get going! Adios, Jose!” Said Hook. “Yes, adios Hook!” Jose said. Jose walked slowly back home to tell his mama that he had signed up for the contest and made a new friend at the same time. When Jose had told mama this she became wide-eyed. She quickly cried “Oh, Jose! Why must you fool around with magic? Why don’t you help papa out in the field? Sometimes you frighten me Jose!” “Mama! I can live the way I want to! I am 15!” Jose yelled, “Why must you make it difficult to grow up?” “Jose, Jose, Jose! You must listen to me! We are poor and I have 7 other children to look after! Stephanie, Howard, Nicolas, Jo, Maggie, August, and Henry! What must I do for you to help with the household? If you had helped a little more you could have been living in one of those homes at the front of our village! Jose, do me a favor and help out at home for at least a week!” “Oh mama, give him a break! He might be able to put us in the royal stand. We could even be richer than all those people at the front of town could! I mean mama! Why must you yell?” said Jose’s older sister Stephanie. “Thank you, Stephanie! At least you understand!” thanked Jose. “Stephanie, be quiet! You are talking rubbish! Jose hasn’t even impressed me!” remarked Jose’s older brother, August. “August, what did you say to Jose yesterday at breakfast?” questioned Henry, Jose’s younger brother who had just come in from working outside. “I said: Jose, you are so bad at magic not even a mouse would be impressed!” “That isn’t even close to what you said at breakfast! You said: Jose! That was really, really good! If you keep working on that trick the king will want to see you perform!” Henry squealed. “Oh shush! I want some supper!” interrupted papa.

The next morning, Jose told his family he might not be home for a long time. So mama packed him some food in a basket for the trip, cleaned some clothes and also put that in the basket plus gave him a blanket and pillow she had been making and finished that night. Just as Jose was about to leave his five year old sister, Maggie, came up to him and gave him two candles, a candlestick, and her little gold bracelet. She gave him the bracelet as a don't forget me treasure. When Maggie turned around she ran to Papa and whispered “Papa, you must go give your present to Jose.” Papa looked down at Maggie and smiled. He got up and walked to the shelves where a package was set. Papa picked it up and quickly walked to Jose and gave it to him. Jose took the package so gently that he wouldn’t damage anything that might be in it. “Go ahead! Open it!” Jose untied the ribbon, stopped, and shook the package, then turned it over. He pulled off the all the tape then looked at the secret present which had just been unwrapped. Jose still didn’t know what it was because it was in a box. Jose’s little sister, Jo, climbed on his lap. Jose lifted the lid of the box and set it on the cold, solid wood table. Jose started gleaming with joy! Papa had given him a carved magic baton and a bamboo flute. Jose had always wanted a magic baton and a flute, finally he had them! Papa had left for the outhouse, which was outside, just as Jose turned around. Jose asked mama to tell papa that he was so thankful for these presents. Mama agreed and gave him a big kiss and hug. Next Nicolas gave him a hug and slap on the back. Nicolas was his older brother who was twenty-seven. Then papa came back in and gave him a hug. Next everyone else gave him a hug and beckoned him good-bye. “Adios, Jose, my son!” yelled papa as Jose jumped on his llama and galloped off. “Adios, papa, mama, Maggie, Nicolas, Henry, Howard, Stephanie, and Jo! I will miss you!” cried Jose. Then his family watched him gallop off until he was just a little dot in the dusty atmosphere.

It took almost a day to get to the palace, but Jose didn’t care. He wanted to be the royal magician and have a beautiful wife. Angelica was the prettiest girl in the land and Jose didn’t know who would win her. All he did was wish that Angelica would be his forever. How would she come to like his magic if his family didn’t like it? Well back to the story! Jose’s eye finally caught sight of the palace. Its walls were painted with gold and silver. It was gorgeous! When Jose walked through the walls he saw a town and some other magicians lined up towards the palace. “Jose: The small town at the waters edge!” said the man who was calling men in and out. Jose walked to the front of the line and then proceeded into the palace until he met a man at the gate of the imperial ballroom. “Buenos Dais, … Jose! You will be aloud in a few minutes. Just sit down in that chair at the wall,” the man said. Jose sat down and in just three minutes he heard a man from inside the ballroom say NEXT!!! Jose walked in the ballroom and the man at the door slammed it shut. “Buenos Dais, your Hines! I am Jose and will be doing the magic tricks spiral around the world, take a cup of gold and tie a knot without your hands,” hushed Jose. “Buenos Dais, Jose. Also, could you call me king?” “Of course, king!” beckoned Jose. Jose started doing spiral around the world. The judge gave it an eleven. Next he started take a cup of gold. In the middle of the magic trick a flame struck the center of the room. The king got a sudden shock, but because of Jose’s magic the fire disappeared! Jose finished take a cup of gold and then performed tie a knot without your hands. The king was very impressed. The king whispered something in the judge’s ear. Then the judge said, “Jose will sit next to the king. Later, at the contest Jose will compete with two other magicians. Jose was the first to sit by the king. The next person to sit by him was a man named Yucatan. The last man to sit in the three seats was Hook. Jose smiled at Hook, but Hook didn’t smile back. He was looking at a book that was on his lap. Jose questioned “Hook, what is the book you’re reading? The way you’re reading it makes me want to read it!” “This is a library book from my old town. I must bring it back in a month. It’s name is Spells of the Living Dead. It’s very spooky,” Hook replied. Jose knodded, then the King told them about how they’d live at the palace for three weeks. Jose was first to tell his dream house to them. This is what he said; “My dream house is a mansion with tall black and white steeds. It has a stable, huge garden and an island in a lake that isn’t very big it is used for practicing magic only. The windows are very colorful. Some of the walls have mosaics! That is all. You may put any kind of fancy furniture in my home. I just want it to not have furniture that I have at home. Yucatan said his dream house then Hook did. Once that was done, the magicians were led to the dining room where there was a great feast. Jose sat right next to the princess, so he couldn’t complain!

The next morning, Jose was moved into his dream home. How? All through the night some construction workers worked non-stop on his house. Just after breakfast his house was finished. When he looked at his steeds, he fell in love with one of them. It was white with a black diamond shape on its forehead. Jose thought the princess might like a classy entrance when the contest began. Jose named his horse Mystic. Next, he put a golden saddle on his horse, then came its head strip. The head strip was a little oval shaped piece of cloth. It was red and blue. The tassels on it were golden and the reins were also gold! Jose jumped on his horse and galloped all around his house until he came to a garden, a beautiful garden. Jose jumped off his horse and walked through the white see-through velvet cloth. His hand was gripped around his horse’s reins tightly. He looked around very cautiously. His eye saw something very strange looking, and without thinking his feet dragged him to it. It was a flower; its colors were white, black, and turquoise. Jose suddenly heard a voice come from the flower. It was saying, “Pick me and you will be the best musician at the contest. You will get the king’s daughter, Angelica, and get married this evening! Pick me quick!” Jose thought for a moment then picked the flower. It was done. Jose had picked a flower Hook’s evil magic had grown. Jose started to dehydrate, faster, and faster, and faster! Jose cried for help, but how would anyone find help for him? Mystic whinnied and trotted to Jose. Jose tried with all his might to get onto his horse and luckily he made it. It seemed to Jose Mystic was magical like a unicorn. Mystic took him to the palace and dropped him at the guards’ feet. One of the guards looked at Jose. “My gosh! That man is dehydrated! Help me!” said the guard. And then, they worked together to bring in Jose for safety, plus his life. Jose soon fell asleep.

When Jose woke up the princess was looking very sad. “What’s wrong princess, Angelica?” he questioned. “Oh, I was forced to marry Hook. When I like you more than him.” Jose looked down at his legs; they were very, and I mean very wrinkling. Jose sat up. He tried to hop down from a table that he had been laying on, but the princess stopped him. “You’re are far too weak to get up now, Jose! You must stay here and rest.” ‘But Angelica… I mean princess; you must have a re-match! Couldn’t you hold it in the ballroom as I’m on this board?” responded Jose. “Yes, but then Hook would suspect something was going on. And daddy, why, he would be furious! Me, asking for a re-match? That’s preposterous! I’ll tell daddy, we’ll be having dinner with you tonight and you can explain for a re-match. Adios, Jose!” “Okay, princess, I’ll do that. Adios!” whispered Jose while looking both ways; “Can I call you Angelica?” “Yes, Jose, but not in public! Daddy would have you arrested!” Then Angelica, the princess, shuffled out of the room. ‘The princess likes me more than Hook! This is really getting good!’

About two hours later, Angelica and the king came to the hospital wing, where Jose was staying at the moment, with a feast. Chicken, avocados, star fruit, apples, bananas, roast beef, stew, tomatoes, carrots, and much more which can’t be listed. At first the meal was quiet until Jose spoke up. “King, sir, I kindly ask of a re-match competition. For one, your daughter, the princess, is absolutely wonderful, and for two, it has always been my dream of being the magician of your palace.” “Jose I know, I was waiting for this. It mostly shows how much you love my daughter, Angelica. The doctor heard you talking in your sleep about Hook casting a spell on that flower, so you wouldn’t win. Hook was banished from my kingdom and you are the rightful husband of my daughter. Yucatan blew up one of the palace towers, so he was disqualified. Angelica is now your wife. The wedding will take place tomorrow at noon.” Jose and Angelica were both glinting with joyfulness. They looked at each other and Jose’s light blue eyes shined so brightly at noon the next day they almost seemed like the sun.

At the wedding the king gave an announcement. This is what he said "Today Jose, my new son in-law and daughter, Angelica, are wed; the new rulers of this kingdom. I promise they will make good choices. They will have many children and at parties your king will be the entertainer! I will go along with their choices and laws, but if the are very, very bad choices I will push their decision the right way. But when I die this kingdom might fall and we will not be the rulers anymore. This kingdom will rot and never deserve to be talked about again. I hope all of this kingdom will work your hardest in liking the… king and… queen! May all rejoice!” Jose and Angelica celebrated their marriage for two days. Then many months later, Angelica gave birth to a boy that they named Frederick. Angelica gave birth to twins named Lily and Violet. Their next child was a boy that they named Hawk, after a hawk that marked his foot when he was two days old. He was their last child and as the king said they had many children and at parties Jose did entertain his guests with many new tricks that he had invented or learned. Jose’s family did come to live at the palace. They also got a royal stand in their family. Well the family lived happily ever after like any other fairy tale.

The End

Best Soul

By Claire, 9, 4th grade, St. Gabriel School, Daly City, California, USA

When I was young
Less than a child
I felt a wind
Old and mild.
It whistled and blew
And sang out a song
That I had been waiting for
For so long.
It told me of life
Beyond the sun
And of children playing
And having fun.
He said that out there
There was a soul
Waiting, waiting
To be chose,
And the other souls, were good, too
But this soul he talked of
Was the best of all those.
So from the sun I came
To the Earth and was born
And the soul that I have chosen
Can never, ever be torn.

Editor's Award Winner

All Year Long

By Hannah, 9, Year 4, Charford 1st School, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK

When it's spring
New babies are born
When it's spring
Jesus rose again

When it's summer
Flowers are beautiful
Flowers are nice
They make your garden colourful and bright
With reds, oranges and greens
It makes my life complete

Autumn is when the leaves change colour
The animals start to hibernate
Hedgehogs sleep and squirrels collect thier nuts

Winter is cold
Winter is freezing
Winter is time to wrap up warm
At the end of December a new year begins.

The Whole Place is Very Wonderful

By Jake, 7, Year/Grade 2, Charford 1st School, Bromsgrove, UK

The sun is sparkly bright
It makes people feel light
God is in the sun
He makes the world a wonderful sight

The moon is silvery bright
It makes people sleepy
It comes out at night
Stars sparkle around the moon

The earth is very wonderful
It has water and land
When its spring the earth wakes up
When its summer the flowers pop up
When its autumn the leaves falls down
When its winter the earth sleeps.


By Samra, 13, Year 8, Bassaleg Comprehensive School, Newport, S. Wales, Great Britain

The clock strikes midnight
But I cannot sleep, try as I might.
Fearful thoughts fill my head
As I fidget uneasily in my bed.

My eyes burn with tears
And I sob, but nobody hears.
I think I see the shape of a devil,
Outside in the darkness of the night
And it makes me gasp with fright.

I shut my eyes,wanting to sleep
But my heart feels sunken and my shoulders
As if carriying a heap.

I glance around,
For a comforting sound-
There's nothing I can hear
I shiver, not chilliness,
But fear.

Mary and Larry

By Michael Ann, 10, Rancho Solano Private School, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Once a girl named Mary
Had a crush on Larry.
They loved each other so much
They sat with each other at lunch.
They call each other every night.
Before they turn off the lights.
They go night night.

missing you

By Laura, 14, Wellington College, Belfast, Northern Ireland

just the thought of you seems to give me butterflies,
like something beyond this world.
though i feel as though i'm in sight of you and no more,
i can see you but cannot touch you,
our love is like an elastic band,
the distance is stretching our love,
one day will the elastic band just snap?

i think one day this will happen,
though not for a long time to come.
your first love is always something special,
you never want to let it go.
when it does just accept you fate and move on,
it's always hard to do,
when you find someone else though the world is right again

this is true love, when that person is your original boyfriend.
you have arguments and make up again and again true love

The Bear

By Stephanie, 10, Year 5, Hornton Primary School, Hornton, Banbury, Oxon., England

Bear of the night
licking her babies
And prowlirg the
rest of the night.

The ghost city

By Ollie, 10, Year 5, Hornton Primary School, Hornton, Banbury, Oxon, England

It was a spookey night in Chigaco. Steve was out on a stag night. At 12.oo AM Steve got chucked out because he broke the record for 20 pints of beer in 1 hour. On his way home he thought he saw a figure run past a corner. He walked on, he unlocked his house door. When he took one step into his house he fell down and went to sleep.

In the morning Steve woke up and he felt awful.
"My back's killing me" he groaned.
Steve had short blonde hair which fell down to his eyes.
When he read the newspaper it said:

A man has fainted in his work office.

Steve was a police officer. He walked down the road and then he saw a man being chucked out of a window. Steve ran across the road and jumped in the window and saw the ghost.

You couldn't see it but it was holding a knife. Steve jumped back out of the window. At 11.00 pm Steve was on his laptop to find more information about ghost, but he had seen how to kill a ghost. He opended a shop door and saw the ghost again. The shop keeper was on the floor dead. He got his gun out. While the ghost had his gun proof off, Steve shot the ghost and it fell down dead!

The River

By Kirsty, 10, Hornton Primary School, Hornton, Banbury, Oxon, England

The river's a killer
As he roams and roams
He smashes and clashes
And ruins your homes

The river's a granter
For you and your fishes
When you throw in a coin
He will grant you wishes

The river's a flooder
As he leaks right through
We had better stop it
Because it could happen to you!

A Look Back

By Lenny, 13, Holcomb Bridge Middle School, Roswell, Georgia

Mark leaned onto the window pane as he watched the ship lift off. He felt the vibration as his wife clung to his arm. He began to doze and pensively think. What went wrong? Why is all this happening to me? Its my birthday today. What kind of birthday is this? As he was asking these questions to himself he began to dream of the past day.
Bring Bring."Daddy, we have a birthday surprise for you!" Marks's children brought in a whole meal for their dad on his birthday. Mark then popped on some cartoons for the kids. But when the T.V. came on, there were no cartoons. In fact, when he changed the channel there seemed to only be one channel on. He decided to listen as a frantic woman came on.
"Ladies and Gentlemen...last night, China invaded Europe and Japan for the start of World War 5. All that remains of the allies are the US.....and Great Brittain. I advise you to leave now! This trajic incident happened last night and...."
There was silence as the T.V. went black. Mark grabbed his phone and called for his chopper. Right after he hung up his advisor called.
"Mr.Mayor, a chopter was sent ten minutes ago. Pack what you need, you have a long flight ahead of you."
Mark and his family packed up as the hellicopter landed on their front lawn. Mark was rushed by some men onto a Delta Star Ship. It looked as if all of the U.S was evacuating Earth.Mark asked some old men standing outside of the ship waiting for the Med-Bot where the ship was heading.
"Mars!" they said.
Mark woke up. He began talking to himself in his head again. I've lost it all. I had so much. A wife, kids, and a great job. What is to come of me in this new life. Mark turned over to see his wife and kids asleep. Right then he knew, whatever happened, everything was going to be okay.
"Its my birthday." Mark said, as tears rolled down his eyes.

Life's Hard

By Tim, 10, Hornton Primary School, Hornton, Banbury, Oxon, England

I bite into a burger, ketchup oozes out both ends
I open up my piggy bank
There's nothing much to spend
All the waves splash over me at the swimming pool
I'm just nothing special
When all my mates are cool

My brother's on the PC
The other's in the bathroom
Wait, wait, wait, wait
It's all I seem to do!
Im fed up with my life this way
It's not much fun at all
Everyone is slim and tall
I'm overweight and small!

I hope I change one day
And no longer be a nutter
I'll be big and strong
And be a seven footer!
I'll be a super athlete, swim and throw the hammer
Everyone will be impressed, Steve, Bob and Hannah
I'll do the best at school,
Or at least I'll try
I'll be so brainy
Einstein and Newton would cry!
But best of all, I'll be well known
I'll be the brains of school
I'll be the champ and beat the rest
I'll really be dead cool!


By Dexter, 11, Hornton Primary School, Hornton, Banbury, Oxon., England

My House Haiku

My house is different
In the big wide world out there
It travels the road

Shaft Haiku

Black eyeballs staring
His tongue licks me all over
Madly wagging tail


By Alanna, 11, St.Stephen, New Brunwick, Canada

I feel lonely
I feel lost
In the darkness
Of my world
I feel that I've given up
All hope
I'm never going to live it down.

I feel angry
I feel sad
For letting people down
But nobody knows
What's really going on
I've just found out
My cousins are in town!!!

Huran's Charm

By Alanna, 11, St.Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada

Once upon a time there was a princess named Clarissa. Clarissa never wanted to get married, but her father and mother, King Tray and Queen Majesta, urged her to ever day and night. They said that getting married would be good for her, and, when her parents died, she would have a husband to be king.
One night, when Clarissa was admiring herself in front of her mirror, there was a knock on her bedroom door. She wondered who it was. Maybe the maid, she thought. I'll ask her if I can have a glass of water.
So, Clarissa daintily walked over to the huge rosewood door and opened it.
"Oh, who are you?" she asked. In front of her was a tall man of eighteen with jet-black hair, soothing blue eyes and muscular arms. He was wearing a white top with a navy silk cape hung over his shoulders, brown cloth trousers, shiny black boots, and gold and riches upon his neck, wrists and fingers.
"I am the Great Huran, my highness, and I have come to seek your hand in marrige," young Huran announced in a deep, huskey, voice. Clarissa flung her long blonde curls over her shoulders and cleared her throat.
"I do NOT want to be married. The King and Queen, my parents, are wanting me to, but I will not do so." Huran laughed.
"I saw you in that parade last week, and I fell in love with you instantly. Sit down; we must talk." The beautiful Clarissa rolled her eyes and motioned for the man to sit down beside her on a long, wood and red velvet couch.
"What do you want, and what does it have to do with me?" Clarissa asked angrily.
"My dear princess, I told you. I said I want to marry you," Huran whispered. He touched her hand and looked into her green eyes. Clarissa didn't know what to say. She was not as uncomfortable as before, but she felt uneasy.
"I can't marry. I can't, I can't......." she trailed off, sobbing.
"Oh, why can't you, my love?" Huran asked eagerly. Clarissa burst into tears and rested her head on Great Huran's shoulder.
"Because.... all right, I will tell you." Clarissa lifted her head up high. "Many, many years ago, my great aunt Belithe was getting married to a tall, dark man that she met and fell in love with at a dinner. She was all dressed up, and they finally exchanged vows. Then they went home to a great golden mansion together, and talked for a long time. Later, at midnight, when Belithe was washing up, the strange man sneaked into her bedroom and tied a rope around her neck, choking the poor woman." Huran's eye's opened up wide in horror. And Clarissa went on:
"He took my great aunt into the garden and dumped her into a fountain. I have been so scared since that happened in my family. I wish not to be married, for I think the same thing might happen to me."
Huran put a caring hand on her arm. And then, at that moment, Clarissa uttered a few words.
"What did you just say, dear lady?" Huran asked. Clarissa put her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.
"I said, I-I lo- love you," the princess stuttered. Huran grinned a big, toothy grin.
"Yes, I KNEW my charm would fix you. My Clarissa, there is no need to be frightened. I will not give you any harm." Clarissa smiled, stood up, and twirled around the room, her pink and silver skirts flowing everywhere.
"Then we should be married!" she cried. They walked together out onto the balcony, and watched as the black, starry night fold around the two of them, who were embraced. And the couple got married just the next day, and they lived happily ever after.


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