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Sheepdog in the Snow by Lucy Daniels

By Rhian, age 10, Kent, England

I want to recommened this book to all the Animal Ark fans. It's Christmas at Animal Ark and Mandy and James have a fantastic idea - a party for all the pets in the village! But Mandy's festive mood collapses when Tess, a wounded stray sheepdog, turns up. Some sheep have been scared to death since Tess was re-homed and the farmers are out to get Tess. Mandy is convinced the sheep-scarer is not Tess. Can Mandy save poor Tess's life? I rate this book 5 star. Author: Lucy Daniels. a brill animal Author!!!     (May 2002)

I think that Jacqueline Wilson's books are the best that I have read

By Monique, age 11, Cape Town, South Africa

I think that Jacqueline's books are very good, because when I first read one of her books I wanted to read it again and again, but then I thought well there are a lot more of her books to read so I read more of her books. I have read Sleepover and Double Act and more. One or two of the books that I read were a bit too young for me, but I read them any way. I enjoyed them very much. One day I would like to meet her and tell her in person how good her books are and ask her some questions. I really like her books and if you agree with me then please write back and respond! Thanks a lot! (May 2002)

Lemony Snicket

By Nicole, age 12, London, UK

I Love the Lemony Snicket Books, A Series of Unfortunate Events, they are so dark and mysterious and you get really hooked reading the series.

The books are about three children who lose their parents, and have to live with relatives, but their relative is nasty Count Olaf who is only interested in their money, they escape him but he keeps turning up in the rest of the books in bad disguises. The books are sooo cool and I really think you should read them, but only if you don't mind not having a happy ending!!!! Theres a great site to look at too, which is really cool, and you can win loads of cool stuff too go to
READ THEM!!!!!!!! (May 2002)

Harry Potter is the best

By Jamie, 9, UK

Harry Potter books are very good. Harry is a wisard who goes to a magic school. 10/10 I think and you will too when you read them

The Witches

By Sam, age 12, Scotch College Junior School, Hawthorn, Australia

THE WITCHES is a terrific book by the famous author Roald Dahl. He has written other books such as: Going solo, Matilda, Dirty Beasts, The BFG, Danny the champion of the world, The vicar of Nibleswicke and My uncle Oswald and a lot of other great selling books.
Roald Dahl's childhood was sad for his dad died when he was four leaving his mother with 6 screaming kids. When he was nine he was sent to boarding school and he ran away but was caught. Then he was sent to a bigger school where he was endlessly bullied.
But he turned out not to be a sad for now he has made a lot of children happy and now he is famous through out the world!
Meet a hero, a wise old grandmother, and the most gruesome gang of witches imaginable!
This mind catching story of an innocent boy's fight to save the children of England from the Grand High Witch of the World! This book is a well written well-paced adventure that children will love!
If real witches disguise themselves rather than flying around on broomsticks in pointed hats, how can you tell when you meet one?

Recommendations about Books for Kids who love Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Award Winners, and Just Good Books

By Whitney, age 10, Germany

The Best of Books:

The High King
The Heavenly Village
Bridge to Terabithia ( Wonderful, but very sad)
Harry Potter series
The Secret of Platform 13
Midnight Magic
The Perilous Gard
Jacob Have I Loved
From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankwieler
Queen's Own Fool
The View from Saturday
Dear Mr. Henshaw
Ramona the Pest
Anastasia's Album
( A very unique book about the last grand duchess of Russia)
Anna of Byzantium
Catherine, Called Birdy
Thank you for taking the time to read my list of books. Please try them! To see some of my favorite websites for readers and writers, go to " All About Me".

To Brianna, age 13, Melbourne, Australia

By Isabelle, age 10 almost 11, Cambridge, England

hi I think you're right I love the book "Girls in Love" it's great I could barely put it down, could you?
well I think we're loads alike I can't read a book in less than weeks, I normally find boring books to read and I love Jacqueline Wilson's books, do you?

Harry Potter Books Are Great!

By Hayley, age 13, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

The Harry Potter Books are excellent. They get you engrossed in them from the moment they begin to the moment they end. I've got all four and I have read them all twice. Children of all ages love them and even adults enjoy reading them. I won't give you a full description of the story because that would ruin it for you but the main characters are, Harry Potter (of course) Ron, Hermione, (his friends) Dumbledore, (the headmaster) Hagrid (his giant friend) and Voldemort (The evil wizard). I recommend you read them now.

The princess well-i-may

By Ruba, age 10, Huntingdon Primary School, Nottingham, UK

In this story the main characters are the Princess, Jan the Shepherd boy. Jan likes the Princess and wants to marry her but the Princess uses Jan for lot's gold and clothes. At the end of the story Jan meets a girl on the field and likes her better than the Princess. Jan asked the girl if she would marry him and the girl said yes. So they both got married. In this story I like the part when Jan leaves the Princess because the Princess was using Jan. This story was a good story you should read it.

The Downhill Crocodile Whizz

By Adon+Jerome, age 10, Huntingdon Primary School, Nottingham, UK

The author of this book is called Margaret Mahy. The story is about a crocodile who receives a pair of rollerskates from his grandma. He goes out on his new skates and causes all sorts of trouble and he cannot stop. The characters are Crocodile, Katy, Black Dog, Mr Whisker and Spotted Dog. I like the story because its funny and is amusing and in the end the crocodile gets a surprise when he finds that he is not to go down hills in the skates. I think this story could get a little more interesting, surprising and entertaining. Overall this story is funny, quite surprising, interesting and good for all ages and especially for children who love funny, enjoyable and interesting stories.

Bertha's Secret Battle

By Leanne, age 11, Huntingdon School, Nottingham, UK

Bertha's secret Battle. The main Characters are Fiona and Bertha. They have a secret battle. The best part is when everyone cheers for Fiona but boo's Bertha. The key events are Bertha and Fiona are wrestlers. Bertha gets jealous because everyone cheers for Fiona. So Bertha tips red hair dye into Fiona's golden hair dye tub. We could improve the end by Fiona getting her own back. The next book could be called Fiona gets her own back.

The Secret Plans

By Chantelle, age 11, Year 6, Huntingdon School, Nottingham, UK

The main characters are Mrs May and Mr Johnson and Anneena. Anneena find some paper on the floor and the man give the paper to Anneena I like the bit when the children drew on the paper. The key Events are when the man gave Anneena the paper and the children drew all over the paper I enjoy the bit when the man went looking for the paper and mr johnson cut the paper up. I think Anneena's mum and dad will get a better job. The next book I will call it The man at the zoo.

HALLOWEEN Special Simpsons comics

By Jamie, age 11, Year 6, HUNTINGDON School, NOTTINGHAM, UK

Hi my name is Jamie. I am writing to tell you that the Simpsons comics are good you could put a little bit more pages in. There could be more characters. There are 6 stories and some letters.

William and the Dog

By Gary, age 10, Huntingdon School, Nottingham, UK

The William and the Dog is about 2 boys and a dog. The main character is William and Hamid the dog's name is Toffee. The dog went in an eating restaurant. The dog stole a fish from the shop. The dog ran across 2 poeple. The dog ran with a man`s trousers. The dog ran in the shop to got a fish. The dog went on the train the dog went out of the train and the boys went to stop the train the boys ran to the dog.

The Fantora Family Files

By Steven, Shabaaz, age 10 and 11, Year 6, Huntingdon Primary School, Nottingham, UK

The author of this book is: Adele Geras: Title: Fantora Family Files The main characters are Francesca (age 5), Marco (age 9), Bianca (age 10), Edward (dad), Rosie (mum), Varvara (auntie), Filomena (grandma) and Ozymandias (cat and he also tells the story)
This family have special powers: Francesca can change the weather, Marco can be invisible, Bianca can turn toys to life, Edward can grow plants anywhere, Rosie can fly, Varvara is a vanpire and Filomena can see in the future.
Heres a taster of what the books like: Rosie clicked her fingers, and a faraway humming noise filled the kitchen. She sat at the head of the table and, rather like a conductor telling an orchestra what to play and how loudly, she directed operations. I started by trying to follow the actions (the eggs and butter beating themselves to fluffiness in the huge bowl, the oven doors opening and shutting by themselves, the spoons dancing out of the drawers when needed), but everything was going too quickly. I simply couldn't keep up. I closed my eyes for a moment, and when I opened them again, three separate sponge cakes were being enveloped in blankets of white icing and garlands of pink and white sugar roses were being piped round the edges at high speed. Rosie stood up .
"Not bad, is it, Ozzy? " she asked me. I purred my admiration. We were both entranced with the cake.
I hope you enjoyed our book review.

C. S Lewis is the coolest!

By Megan, age 10, California, USA

I think that one if the greatest books are "The Chronicles of Narnia" from C. S. Lewis. They are full of adventure and are fun to read. I recommend these books for people who are into fantasy and adventure books. But just to warn you, some of the books like "The adventure of Dawn Treader" and some other ones can be a bit boring!

Harry Potter

By Alia, age 11, Corning Free Acadamy School, Corning N,Y

I think Harry Potter books are awesome!!!!! I read every Harry Potter book in less than a month! My favorite is the chamber of secrets and the goblet of fire!!!! I love the way J.K Rowling writes her dialog.

Malory Towers

By Mia, age 10, Bishop Galvin N.S School, Dublin, Ireland

hi every1, this book is VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY good book.
u have to read it. Number 5 is the BEST book ever.

Harry Potter Rulz

By Kristen, age 12, St Flannans School, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Harry Potter is the Best book. I loved the way J. K. Rowling made all the characters seem so real. I have read the forth book already, and I think it is Fantastic. I have heard some really weird rumors about the coming books. The one I found the most hard to believe was that Malfoy and Harry will team up to fight evil in the seventh book. My favourite books so far is "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" and the forth book, "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". My favourite character is Ron. I reckon I have read each book about 4 times. These books are just the best, and if you still haven't read them you should go and get a copy right now!


By J, age 9, Nottingham, UK

I LOVE harry potter books and think they're great! I've read all four books and they're the best books I've read. I'm looking forward to the film very much and think everyone should be able to see it. I think everyone should give Harry Potter books a chance as they are GREAT and really interesting. Once you pick one up you can't put it down until it is finished. HARRY POTTER IS THE BEST! ! ! ! ! ! !

GIRLS IN LOVE IS AMAZING! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! LOL

By Brianna, age 13, Melbourne, Australia

I hate reading, I probably don't read more than 2 books in 1 year (thoes 2 books I probably have to read 4 school) but 5 weeks ago my teacher said we had to do a book review the book could be any book we liked. I almost killed my self when she said that. The book I chose was Girls in Love, I didn't read the blurb or anything. I chose the book because it was the first book I saw (the bright colours). I also liked how it had those little chapter divider things. Well I hadn't read the book and last week the teacher said "don't forget your book review is due on monday" I forgot all about it so I had to find the book and start reading it and amazingly I read it in 4 days that is a world record for me. I have never read I book in less than ummmmm. . . . . weeks I probly would have been able to read a boring book, so luckily Girls in Love wasn't boring.
Catch you later! ! ! ! ! !
Girls in Love, by Jacqueline Wilson

Safe Harbour

By Fiona, age 10, Year 4th, Charleville N.S. School, Co. Offaly, Ireland

This book is about a brother and sister evacuated from The London Blitz to Ireland to live with their Grandfather they don't know and their parents never talk about. Will they hate him....? I thought it was very good and it is very exciting, I even read it when I was walking around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Author: Marite Conlon McKenna

Why I like the books of Jacqueline Wilson

By Maireed, age 7, Wales

Jacqueline Wilson's books are the best because they relate to the way kids can see the world and they also tell of how you can improve your life, just by reading them. These have taught me that no matter how big my problem may seem then some one always has a bigger problems than me. Like in the suitcase kid, Andy's parents were always fighting, even though they were already divorced, and she had to live in separate house, and they fact that each of her parents were married to other people and also that she had a bratty little stepsister who was always getting her own way. I really admire the work of Jacqueline Wilson because she knows so much about they way children see the world, and she is really brave to copy them down like that because she may say something in a book to offend a child or make them see the world in a wrong and unjust way. But Jacqueline has always been my favourite author, I have all of her books and hope to collect them for many years to come. Even my 20 year old sister reads them. Keep up the good work Jacqueline?

Giraffe in a Jam

By Melissa, East Gosford, N.S.W., Australia

I love the Animal Ark books and I really want to read and own the whole set of the Animal Ark series.
"Giraffe in a Jam" is about a giraffe that gets stuck and they have to save it 'cause it has a baby. But can they save it?
I won't tell you the rest so you can read it yourself. Author: Lucy Daniels

"Looking At The Moon" by Kit Pearson

By Pamela, age 15, Ernest Manning High School, Calgary, Canada

My favorite book is "Looking at the Moon" by Kit Pearson. It is my favorite book because Norah was my age when I read it. There were parts of the book that reminded me of my cabin in British Columbia, Canada. This book is a part of the "Guests of War Trilogy". Also in the trilogy are the books "The Sky Is Falling" and "The Lights Go On Again". They are excellent books and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good book.

Harry Potter: Are they really worth reading?

By Tom, age 10, St. Peters Primary School, East Bridgford, Nottingham, UK

Hi Everyone,
My name's Tom and I'm here to find out if you think 'Harry Potter' books are worth reading? I've been wondering if I should read them, or not? Please give me your answer!!

Malory Towers!!!!!!!

By Abby, age 13, Maryland, USA

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Malory Towers!!! They're my favourite book series of all time!


By Jessica, age 12, Nottingham, UK

Hi I'm Jessica and I agree Emma I've only read 2 Jacqueline Wilson books and that was 'Video Rose' and 'Double Act' I'm am starting The Lottie Project and so far it's really good do you know if there are any other good JW books if so please let me know see ya jj.


The Caroline Years; The Little House In Brookfield

By Arielle, age 10, Redmond, WA, USA

This book is wonderful. The main character is Caroline Quiner. Girls in the USA probably know that she was the mother of Laura Ingalls Wilder. In this book, Caroline and her family face the hardships of life in the 1840's. One of the terrible times her family had was the early frost. Almost all the crops her family had grown were destroyed. Since Caroline's father had died a few years before, her family had no idea of how to get food. Mother, Caroline's mom, came up with the idea of taking all the vegetables that were soon to die and turn them into pickles! One night, one of Father's old Native American friends brought food. The family was save from starvation.

Another event that took place was Caroline's first day of school. She was soooooo nervous! A girl her age asked if she could sit next to Caroline's older sister, Martha, and of course Caroline. Caroline did not want to be rude, so she said yes. The girl's name was Anna. At lunch that day, Caroline asked Anna if she wanted to have lunch with her at the Quiner's frame house. Anna excitedly cried yes! This grew a long lasting friendship.

Little House In Brookfield was the best book! You should read it sometime!


Reply to Anna

By Jenny, age 12, South Benfleet, Essex, England

I think you read the wrong kind of Jacqueline Wilson book for your age. The ones that are more appealing to teenage girls are the 'Girls' series. They follow a group of teenagers in their everyday lives - through diets, boyfriends, parents and curfews. The one you read is more aimed at 9-11 year olds I reckon. I do believe that people are allowed their own opinion, but I think you should give Jacqueline Wilson another chance, after all, I think they're excellent!


To Eleanor and Eleanor

By Jenny, age 12, Benfleet, Essex, England

No, I have not read the Dare Game, I want to though. Have you heard of the 2000 diary? It looks good, but I don't know what it you? I think it would be really great if Jacqueline Wilson brought out a book where some of her characters met up. Like Elsa met Tracey Beaker, and then Tanya from Bad Girls met Magda from the Girls in love series. That would be funny! How about if Andy from the Suitcase Kid went out with Arthur from Bad Girls! Any more conbinations?! Reply please!

Alanna the First Adventure by Tamora Pierce

By Beth, age 12, St Flannan's School, Brisbane, Australia

The Author of this book is Tamora Pierce. This was her first book. Since then she has written eleven other books. The Story is set in medieval times. The main character is Alanna, a little girl who gradually gets older throughout the book. Her twin brother Thom, is going to become a knight and Alanna, is going to become a lady. But Alanna wants to become a knight and Thom wants to become a sorcerer. So they swapped and Alanna disguised herself as a boy and changed her name to Alan. While Thom became a sorcerer at the place where Alanna was going to become a lady, but he did not have to pretend to be a girl.

The story follows Alanna as she becomes a Page, and all the adventures and problems she has as a page. This book is the first of a series of four. The series follows Alanna as she becomes a squire and then a knight. Tamora Pierce has also written two other series in the same settings with different characters. I would recommend this book for eleven to thirteen-year-olds and those readers who like, as it says on the back cover "fantasy and action, humour and thrills".

Roald Dahl

By Elizabeth, age 12, Year 8, Howells School Llandaff School, Cardiff, Wales

Roald Dahl's book Boy is set in the music block of my school. The sweet shop he describes in Llandaff is still there, although it is now also a gift shop. The views he talks about are the ones from our teaching room in the block.

Jacqueline Wilson

By Anna, age 13, Year 8, Howells School Llandaff School, Cardiff, Wales

I think that Jacqueline W. books are really boring, but other people like them. The 1st and only book that I read had the alphabet in it (with a story line to go with that letter). It was the worst book that I have ever read in my life! If anyone agrees write back.

Reply to Eleanor and Elizabeth (J.W.F)

By Jenny, age 12, Essex, England

Yeah - I agree with Elizabeth: Jacqueline Wilson's writing appeal to different people because of different things. Kids with divorced parents might like it as a lot of her books are about coping with divorce, the Ellie-Magda-Nadine series are really appealing to teenagers too, as they cover loads of aspects of growing up. Eleanor: I havw not read neither of those books, basically because my local library is rubbish, and I haven't got enough money to buy them! As soon as I have I will read them though! Have you read the '2000 Diary'. I heard about it but I don't even know anything about it. Oh yeah, I was meaning to ask - does Jacqueline Wilson have a website? Or an e-mail address? Or a fan club? That might be pretty cool! Anyhow, write back, and in case you're wondering, the (J.W.F.) thing in the title stands for Jacqueline Wilson Fans (If you hadn't worked that out already. Bye!

Jacqueline Wilson Rules!!!!!!!!!!

By Emma, age 10, Askerswell, Dorset, UK

Hi Jacqueline Wilson Fans, I've Just Finished reading The Illustrated Mum. And Guess What? I Read it in ....4 Days1 Normally it would take me a week but I think because Jacqueline's so encourageing with her books She makes you want to read more! I've got 6 Jacqueline Wilson Books and I think they're all great I want to read The Lottie Project but the shop hasn't got it!

Hi Jenny (AGAIN!)

By Eleanor, age 11, Year 6, Jesse Gray School, Nottingham UK

Hi Jenny, Have you got 'THE DARE GAME'???? It's really good! have you got 'GIRLS OUT LATE'? I haven't yet! Please reply back! Bye! From Eleanor

Jacqueline Wilson is the Best!

By Elizabeth, age 12, Year Year 8, Howells School Llandaff, Cardiff, South Wales, U.K.

I recently read an article on your web-site about a new Jacqueline Wilson book: the sequel to THE BED AND BREAKFAST STAR. I cannot wait until I can buy it! I think she is so talented. She writes in a way that all children can relate to. Her wide varieties of works satisfy a large range of ages.

From THE DINOSAUR'S PACK LUNCH to GIRLS OUT LATE she is definitely for everyone's taste. She is well and truly the most imaginative and inventive children's author around. I recommend all of her books, particularly GIRLS IN LOVE, GIRLS OUT LATE and GIRLS UNDER PRESSURE. THE SUITCASE KID is a marvellous work that wholly deserved the Children's Book Award in 1993. Her books have won many other prizes all of them worthy of their awards.

Out of the Dust Book Review

By Mckensie and Cassandra, New York, USA

The book Out of the Dust, took place during the Dust Bowl, in the 1930's. Billie Jo was born at home on the kitchen floor in the summer of 1920. Billie Jo is a long-legged girl, with a wide mouth, and cheekbones like bicycle handles. She is a redheaded, freckle-face, narrow-hipped girl with a fondness for apples, and a hunger for playing fierce piano. Her ma is pregnant and her pa hopes that it's a baby boy. Billie Jo's best friend, Livie Killian just moved away. She has gone west out of the dust to California. The dust is worse than ever now. Billie Jo's mom died giving birth to her baby brother Franklin. He eventually died too.

This book was very suspenseful and kept us on the edge of our seats. Billie Jo has to live during a very tough time in history and in her life. It was a great book!!! We would recommend it to anyone who is interested in times during the dust bowl.

The Magic of Harry Potter

By Anna and Victoria, age 10 and 9, Year 5, John Hunt Junior School, Newark, Nottinghamshire, England

We love the Harry Potter books because they are exciting and sometimes scary.J.k Rowling has come up with some exellent ideas, for the names of the characters. Once you start reading them, you can`t put them down.

Our favourite book is THE PRISONER OF AZKABAN. We can`t wait for the next Harry Potter books to come out.

To Eleanor and Eleanor

By Jenny, age 12, Essex, England

I think that Jacqueline Wilson's series (Girls in love, Girls under pressure, and Girls out Late) are excellent. I think they ara so realistic it feels like Ellie (the main character), Magda and Nadine (her best friends) are real people! I'm ecstatic about the sequel to the Bed and Breakfast Star - that's my favourite one! There is also a sequel to 'The story of Tracey Beaker' called the'Dare Game'. Also out is another new one called 'The 2000 Diary'. And you'll never guess what! Jacqueline Wilson's coming to my nearest shopping centre (Lakeside) in March to sign any books! So there!

Hi Jenny

By Eleanor and Eleanor, age 10, Year 6, Jesse Gray School, Nottingham, UK

I'm so glad you like Jacqueline Wilson. Last Saturday we both met her!! Anyway you have to read 'The Dare Game' Jacqueline Wilsons new story. Starring Tracy Beaker.

Reply to Goodnight Mr Tom

by Stacey, age 11, Year 6, Kingsley Park Middle School, Northampton, UK

I totally agree with you, Goodnight Mr Tom is a cool book. You don't have to like war stories to read it.
B but!!!! Have you read Pete Johnson's books -- they are scary but awesome, and last but not least have you watched Goodnight Mr Tom film.

Call Yourself A Friend? By Marilyn Taylor

By Helen, age 10, Year 4th class, St. Colmcilles School, Dublin, Ireland

"Call yourself a friend?" is a brilliant book by Dublin writer Marilyn Taylor and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It's about a sixteen-year-old-girl, Jackie. Jackie is meant to be studying for big exams that are looming up at the end of the year. But she just can't get down to work and concentrate! This is all due to her close friend, Bernie's road accident. Other things keep distracting her too. Her boyfriend Kev (who's also Bernie's big brother) gets into a court case situation. Also Jackie's younger brother has to play Maid Marian in his school's version of Robin Hood. At first he's reluctant and says he does not want to be kissed by the "mouldy" looking girl who plays Robin Hood. But he soon gets over that and gets a girlfriend in the process! Then Jackie's Dad tells her that things don't look too good in his work and he may lose his job. Jackie is torn between all this and going in to visit Bernie every day in the hospital and staying by her bedside. Bernie's state is critical and she may not survive. Jackie's friends aren't much help either. They go on and on about their own problems (like two-timing boyfriends) Sometimes they might cover up for Jackie if she has to miss school or sometimes they do go and visit Bernie. But mostly they just get on with their own lives as if Bernie's accident never happened. So Jackie is left alone to face a sick friend, trying to stay faithful to her other friends, her brother, problems at home, her boyfriend and his court case and…EXAMS! How is she ever going to manage and still keep everyone happy?


By Eleanor and Eleanor, age 10, Year 6, Jesse Gray School, Nottingham, UK

Thanks to Jenny that replied to our Jacqueline Wilson recommendation for The Illustrated Mum! One of our mums met her at this conferance once and got our books signed!!! Please reply back if your interested in her books. Some recommendations:
Girls in love
Girls under pressure
Girls out late

In the spring there's going to be a new book (Another one with Elsa in) and it's going to be a sequel to THE BED AND BREAKFAST STAR!!! Bye! (Please reply if you're into her books!!!)

Reply to: Eleanor and Eleanor

By Jenny, nearly 12, Thundersley, Essex, England

I love Jacqueline Wilson, I think her writing is excellent. The only books I haven't read are 'The Illustrated Mum', and 'Girls Out Late'. My favourite is 'The Bed and Breakfast Star' and my least favourite is 'Double Act' becasue the ending is so sad. Sometimes I feel that I know the characters out of her books because she describes them so well. My friend (Wendy) reminds me of Elsa in 'The Bed and Breakfast Star' because she always smiles! Any replies welcome!

Nancy Rules!

by Wendy, age 12, year 7, The King John School, Thundersley, Essex, UK

I think the Nancy Drew books are the best books I have ever read. They are adventure/thriller/mystery books and I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys this type of story. My favourite one being 'very deadly yours'- the 19th episode in the series. So go and find one in a library now!!! Nancy Drew rules.

About Jacqueline Wilson

By Katharine, 10, Porchester Junior School, Nottingham, England

Born: Jacqueline Wilson was born in Bath, Somerset on the 17 December 1945, but spent most of her childhood in Kingston-on-Thames.

Education: Jacqueline was educated at Coombe Girls School, Surrey and Carshalton Technical College.

Ambiton: Jacqueline always wanted to be a writer and wrote her first book when she was nine. She started work at a publishers and then worked as a journalist for D.C. Thomson Dundee Scotland after she had an article published in Jackie magazine.

Family: Jacqueline married at 19 and had a daughter Emma, when she was 21. She's been writing books ever since.

Jacqueline's biggest passion and worst vice is buying books. She has over 10,000 books crammed into every corner of her small house. She also loves art galleries and enjoys making collages. She hates housework and cooking.

Transworld Publishers: Titles include: The Lottie Project, The Monster Story-Teller, Bad Girls, The Dinosaur's Packed Lunch, The Mum Minder, The Suitcase Kid
Oxford University Press: Titles include: Nobody's Perfect, Waiting For The Sky To Fall, The Otherside, How to Survive Summer Camp
Blackie: Titles include: The Left-Outs, The Monster in The Cupboard Other publishers
Macmillan, Hamish Hamilton, Armada Publications for Adults
: Hide and Seek, Truth or Dare, Snap, Let's Pretend, Making Hate.

The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling

By Blake Ann, age 10, 5th grade, Waiakeawaena School School, Hilo, Hawaii

The title of this book is "The Chocolate Touch." The author is Patrick Skene Catling.

A few key events that happened in the story was this boy named John, who lloovveedd chocolates. And one day he was going to his friends house. He found a coin and instead of going to his friends house he turned the other way. He took another corner and he found a chocolate store. That coin was a little different compared to other coins. It had initials J.M. on one side and a fat boy on the other. But that was the only coin that the store took. So the store keeper gave the boy a box of chocolates and he opened the box there was only one chocolate inside. So he ate it. Since he ate that chocolate everything he put on his lips or on his mouth turned into chocolate, like his snow mittens, so he started to eat them.

I think the book's message is don't be selfish or greedy because there are other people in the world. I know this is the message because I read it in the book on page 117.

What I like about this book is that when this boy puts something in his mouth or just touching his lips it will turn into chocolate. When he kissed his mom she turned into chocolate and his trumpet, gloves, pencil, toothpaste, medicine, and food all turned into chocolate too.

Harry Potter

By Anna, age 14, Boston Middle School, Laporte, IN, USA

I have wrote a Harry Potter book to add on to the author's collection to bring joy to other children and adults. I have seen the faces of many people whom have read the books and that determined me to go on and write my book.

Editor's Note: Hi Anna. Why don't you send us some of your Harry Potter story to publish on Kids on the Net?

Roald Dahl

By Tim, age 9, Year 5, Henry Cavendish School, London, UK

Roald Dahl's childhood was sad for his dad died when He was four leaving his mother with 6 screaming kids. When he was nine he was sent to boarding school and he ran away but was caught. Then he was sent to a bigger school where he was endlessly bullied.

But he turned out not to be a sad, grumpy man for here is one of Roald Dahl's famous remarks "A short story has to be two things, it has to be short and it has to be a story!"

The Illustrated Mum, By Jacqueline Wilson

Reviewed by Eleanor and Eleanor, age 10, Year 6, Jesse Gray Primary School, Nottinghamshire, UK

The Illustrated Mum is a great story and I would recommend it to 10+. As you may know, Jacqueline Wilson is a very good and interesting author and Nick Sharrett is a great illustrator.
So get off your bum and read it!!!

Lamb in the Laundry. By Lucy Daniels

Reviewed by Alecsandra, age Nine, Year 5, Cila Primary School, Wales, Swansea, UK.

This book that I was reading was the 10th book by Lucy Daniels of the Animal Ark series.
I really really enjoyed this book best of all.

I shall write about the story briefly. One day Mandy Hope and her friend James went to the farm with Mr Hope Mandy`s father to check on all the sheep one of the new born lambs need hand rearing and .........

I am not going to tell the rest of the story -- you will have to read the book and find out what happens next!

Peartree After-School Club Book Reviews

Harrington School's Book Reviews

Roald Dahl Books

By Tremont, 13, Year 9, The Nottingham Bluecoat Shool School, Nottingham, UK

Roald Dahl is a very creative children's books writer. I have read many of his books.
Here is a list of the books I can remember I've read:
Fantastic Mr Fox

Kids Out There

By Natalie, Age 12, Year 7, The Nottingham Bluecoat School, Nottingham, UK

I am just saying that I love reading books which are spooky. I am a fan of Rauld Dahl, so are my best friends Farhat and Sabia.

Spider McDrew

By Jordan, 7, Nottingham, UK

"Spider McDrew" by Alan Durant with illustrations by Martin Chatterton.

I think it is very funny.
It is very lively.
The book is about Spider McDrew, who is a hopeless case.
I like the book because it is realistic.


By Ellen, 10, Beeston, Nottingham, UK (at the Nottingham Readers and Writers Festival)

"How to write really badly" is a very funny book by Anne Fine. Maybe her funniest. In it a young boy called Chester Howard starts going to a new school,Wallbottle Manor. (mixed) In his school he makes friends with Joe Gardener. (The writer from hell.) In class they write 'How-to books 'and Joe's book is 'HOW TO WRITE NEATLY. 'Can Chester help this writer from hell? Find out!!!

Enid Blyton: Famous Five

By Alison, 10, Year 5, St. Marys School, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, UK

Famous Five are GREAT! They are really exciting and adventurous I would go out and buy one NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Potter Books

by Edward, 10, Year 5, St. Marys School, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, UK

Harry Potter Books are BRILLIANT for kids. J.K. Rowling writes them and so far there are Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone won the SMARTIES BOOK COMPETITION in 1997 and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets won it in 1998. J.K. Rowling is writing her 3rd book and it is coming out around Easter 1999.

This is the Harry Potter story: There was an evil wizard called Voldemort who used wizarding in Dark Arts! He killed every nice wizard with an evil curse which leaves them with a lightning shaped scar. Voldemort arrives at Harry's house to kill his mother and father who were great wizards. Voldemort then does it on Harry though he could NOT KILL HIM. Then the evil wizard flees. Harry was only 1. In the 1st book Harry is taken to his aunt and uncle where he stays for 10 years. Then Harry goes to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he plays matches of Quidditch and has two friends: Ron and Hermione. He also has an enemy: Draco Malfoy. But then Harry finds himself up against Voldemort again... Then in the 2nd book Harry is told by his Aunt and Uncle he can't go to Hogwarts anymore. Luckily, Ron come to his rescue and they get to school. But with a strange warning from a house elf, voices that only Harry can hear, and people fainting suddenly, Harry, Ron and Hermione are on the case!

You should get Harry Potter NOW!!!

Malory Towers, Selection

By Alexandra, aged 8, Year 4, Cila Primary School, Swansea, UK

Malory Towers is a good series of books to read. When I read them I could`t put them down .It goes from First term at Malory Towers to Last term at Malory Towers.
There are six books that I`m sure that every girl will love. If you have read these books I'm sure you must of enjoyed them.

Enid Blyton: Pretty Star the Pony

By Alexandra, aged 8, Year 4, Cila Primary School, Swansea, UK

Pretty Star the Pony is a book with lots of stories in it. The stories are about 20, 25 pages long and the book is 90 pages long.
If you have read the book please get in touch
Thank you for reading my article
from Alex

B.C. Right On

By Bryn, Year 4, Claremont Primary School, Nottingham, England

B.C. Right On is a cartoon book. It's set in prehistoric times and the book is basically a load of jokes about cavemen, cavewomen, dinosaurs and snakes.

B.C. books are so funny, that's why I like them. I especially like the jokes that they have. For example:

"Don't pick mushrooms on a full moon"
"Why not?"
"Terrible harm will come to you"
"Hog wash"

Then the caveman who said "Terrible harm will come to you" smacks a club over the other caveman's head.

I love the sense of humour and the characters crack me up.

Well bye!!!


The Steps Up The Chimney

By Danielle, Grade 6, Wyburns Primary School, Rayleigh, Essex, England

'The Steps Up the Chimney' is a brilliant book! It is fantasy and in a quartet called the 'Magician's House'. It is about 3 children called William, Mary and Alice. When they are staying at their aunts and uncles new house, they find a secret passage up behind the old fire place. This leads to the children meeting a strange magician from the past. He studies alchemy and the powers of nature.

The children have to battle against evil and save the countryside around them. But it is Christnas time and their aunt is having a baby - But someone is going to try and kill it! I really enjoyed this book and have read the second book in the quartet too!

Goodnight Mr Tom

By Vicky, Grade 10, Glyn Derw High School, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales, UK

Goodnight Mr. Tom, by Michelle Margoriam, is the story of a young boy called Willie who is an evacuee in the second world war. Willie is evacuated to the country, where he stays with Mr. Tom. Mr. Tom is an old recluse, who after losing his wife and his son, shies away from everyday life, and in the village where he lives he is thought to be a grumpy old man. During the cause of this book we see that Mr. Tom is not a grumpy old man but a very kind and caring person.

Willie is a very shy boy due to his very strict religious mother beating him very badly. Mr. Tom and Willie bring each other out of themselves, and they both live very happily together. Then tradegy strikes when Zach, Willie's best friend dies, I cried through a whole chapter.

This book is a very moving, beautiful story.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading war-time stories. I give this book 10/10.

Little Women

By Vanessa, Grade 5, College Marie de France, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

For anyone who loves to read I suggest you read "Little Women", by Louisa May Alcott. I have just started to read it in the past few days and I really like it ! With the four sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy it makes the story wild and happy.

For the people who already read it my personal favorite is Beth. Who is yours? Please reply to me in Kidtalk.

Speckle The Stray

By Diana, Grade Grade 6, Mary Gardner School, Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada

Speckle The Stray is a great book. It tells about 2 girls who just move to a farm, and they don't have any farm animals. But one day they finmd a little speckled stray wrapped in a piece of barb wir. Their parents wouldn't let them get any animals but will they be able to keep the puppy?? Read this great book and find out if they can keep the puppy.

The Sky is Falling (A good book)

By Ashley, Grade 7, Steinbach Junior High, Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada

The Sky is Falling is written by Kit Pearson

This book is excellent for girls. It is about a girl and a boy who are coming to Canada because of World War 2. There is bombing where they live. It is a memorable and enjoyable book. Everyone who I know who has read it likes it. There is a sequal called Looking at the Moon by Kit Pearson it is very good also. And after that a book called The Lights go on Again also by Kit Pearson. She is a great author. She also wrote A handful of Time, and The Daring Game.

Both are excellent books. You will be impressed!


By Robyne, Grade 4a, John Paul College, Logan, Queensland, Australia

Matilda is a book and a movie. The book was written by Roal Dahl in 1987. It is a story about a little girl who has powerful gifts and uses them in a most interesting way. Shana and I love this book and when it was made into a movie we went to see it. It was the best movie and we can't wait to see it on video.

Where's Wally in Hollywood!

By Melissa, Grade 4, John Paul College, Logan, Queensland, Australia

Where's Wally in Hollywood is an exciting adventure. You will have FUN looking for Wally, Woof, Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard, Odlaw, Wally's lost key, Woofs bone, Wizard Whitebeard's scroll and a film. If you're cool you should read Where's Wally in Hollywood.

Also don't forget all other books from the collection of Where's Wally such as Where's Wally, Where's Wally Now, Where's Wally the Fantastic Journey, Where's Wally the Magnificent Poster book and don't forget the sticker books. All these Where's Wally books are all by Martin Handford.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

By Min, Singapore

This book is written by a vet, James Herriot. It's a heart-warming collection of James' quirky 'patients'; how he triumphed and how he failed. Also in the book is a wide variety of colourful characters, ranging from the two brothers Tristan & Siegfried Farnon to Gyp the sheepdog.

It is a memoir of more innocent times; when the Yorkshire skies were still clear and blue, when the sharp winds that whipped around the crumbling walls could bring a tear to your eye.

Fly Away Home = *****

By Katie D., Grade 6, St. John Fisher, Forest, Ontario, Canada

I don't know about you, but I thought the movie Fly Away Home was so excellent! If you have never seen it, you might want to see it. I didn't want to until my teacher started reading a book called, "The Illustrated Father Goose." It sounded really good so I decided to rent the movie. That was a great movie!

My Ratings...

Bomb Be Careful Good Excellent Words cannot 
describe it






Thank you for reading,

Books Books Books!!!

By Elizabeth Hersey, Grade 4th, Homeschool, Cotuit, Massachusetts, USA

I like to read, and have read many books. That is why I decided to talk about books I have read. Instead of listing by age, I`ll go by grade:

Grades 1-2  Invisible Inc.  BSC Little Sister  Hattie,Tom, and the Chicken Witch  Bernstein Bears 
Grades 3-4  Nancy Drew  Narnia  Little House  Full House 
Grades 5-6  Hardy Boys  Uncle Tom`s Cabin  Little Women  Sweet Valley High 

Look for these at your library.


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