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The Rock of Knowledge
Outside Kids' Castle

Wheatfields Junior School
St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK

Dear Lauren,
Wow what a lot of questions!!

How is Greentoes getting on with his job?
He loves it. He gets to find out what is going on as well (But he is moaning about making 3 deliveries a day now you know).

Is it good being at the Rock of Knowledge?
Yes. I have discovered so much about your world from all the information children have sent in.

Is Emerald having fun naming the baby dragons? Emerald enjoys it, and especially the help that all you children have given her
How is Firetooth, is he OK?
Yes, he is as mad as ever though, but making us all laugh.

How is the Mayor?
She is very busy with all the discussions that are taking place in the Cavern. She says 'Hi'

Is Dracospeare having fun reading stories?
Are you kidding? He thinks he has the best job in the world sitting and writing stories down all day long!!

I hope those were the answers that you wanted to hear.

Libro ()

The Story Scroll
Outside Kids' Castle

Woodstock, England

Dear Tommy,
I pronounce my name DRAY-KO-SPEAR. Does that help you?
My best mate is Libro, because we both love books and reading.
I have met humans, have you not read my story about the adventure I had with two children? It's a great read!

Bye for now,

Dracospeare ()

The Portal of Tidings
Outside Kids' Castle

Royal School
Armagh, Ireland

Dear Tanya,
I take pride in delivering the mail to all the dragons in Dragonsville you know. Before we decided to let children back into our land, I was able to deliver letters from other dragons in about 10 minutes. Now I have to deliver the letters 3 times a day and each time it takes me two hours. That's a lot of work for a dragon like me you know!

I have to go now and deliver more letter!

Greentoes ()

The Cavern
Outside Kids' Castle

Rendell Primary School
Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK

Dear Fyffe,
Thank you for your question. You wanted to know who the naughiest dragon in Dragonsville is. Well, the most michevious dragon we have is Firetooth, because he is always getting up to no good! Also, Greentoes like to play jokes on me often.
There isn't really a naughty dragon, because if anyone is naughty the elders tell them off.


The Mayor (76)

The Naming Pool
Outside Kids' Castle


Dear Charlotte,
Thank you for your letter. I really enjoy reading letters as well as naming dragons!
You asked me who Firetooth was didn't you? Well, Firetooth guards the Cave of Fame where all the dragon biographies are kept.
Why not visit him and see what he is like.

Bye for now,

Emerald ()

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