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If you explore the links in the navigation bar above, you will find:

  •  Practical advice on using ICT in the literacy classroom.
  •  Tools to help you use the Internet, to teach literacy, writing and English.
  •  Ways to incorporate exciting new media writing into your classroom teaching.
  •  Creative ways to use the Web to meet curriculum objectives.
  •  Methods for nurturing creativity in writing and thinking.

This is a sister site to Kids on the Net where we offer:

A safe place to publish children's writing where every submission is checked and approved by a (human) editor before being published. Kids on the Net

Children interacting safely with other youngsters from all over the  world and commenting on one another's writing.

Creative online projects such as Dragonsville, Kids' Castle and  Monster Motel which children can join freely - see our teachers' resources for their application within the curriculum.

What's newly added to Kids on the Net?

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STILL AVAILABLE: Taking Teachers Through the Portal
Creating tools to help teachers use Digital Writing within the curriculum:
(A report of the Writers for the Future in the Classroom project
carried out for NESTA by Kids on the Net and the trAce Online Writing Centre
April 2003-March 2005)

Free download of report (warning: large PDF file!)


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