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A spell is a special set of words that makes something happen
(in a story, not in real life)

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Kids' Stories & Spells

Kids' Spells

Spells from Shamokin, PA, USA

How to make you turn into a jelly belly

By Dale, age 12

A spell on how to look like a jelly belly
Things you need
1 a pack of jeibly jobly jelly
2 a hanker banker
3 a jeibly color a wonder
Then mix the fix with a hitch. Next stir the blur.
Last drink it. Then have a jelly belly time. pumpkin

Messy things

By Josh, age 12

A boys toe
A rats tail
And a turtles shell
What do you get?
A mess of things, Or a wearied animal.

My Haunted House

By Mike, age 12

My room is haunted. Well, only on Halloween. My name is Mike. I live in an old house. Every Halloween, at night, my room starts being haunted. I go up to my room and I play games. After about five minutes, I start hearing noises. Then I check everywhere in my room to see where the noise is coming from. I never find out where the noise is coming from, but I still look. My mom cauldronsaid it is probably just the house creaking because it is so old. I don't believe that! I really think my room is haunted. This Halloween, I plan to find the ghost, even though I doubt I will find it.

Beetle Juice

By Brittany, age 12

Though I know
I should be wearing
I know of something
That is ghostly
That is used.
Beetle juice
Beetle juice
Beetle juice.

The Boy

By Jason, age 12

Once there was a boy.
He was born on Halloween.
The first words he said were,
"Trick or treat,
Smell my feet,
Give me something
Good to eat!"
From that day on,
Everyone wondered
If he was
A trick or a treat!

witch's broom

How to make a witches pie

By Kayla, age 12

1 cup of eye balls
2 cups of ears
1 cup of brains
And one tongue
Now you may pour it in a gray pan of fingers.
Cook in till it is crispy.

The Scary Teachers

By Bryanna, age 12 witch on moon

One day I went out the Shamokin Football Stadium and I saw Miss. K out there. She was a ghost and she scared me to death. I fainted and fell to the ground. There was a noise behind her, but she didn't believe me at all. Even her soccer players believed me! When I was walking home, I went in a spooky Halloween haunted house. All of a sudden, I saw Miss. Kleskie in the haunted house. I also saw Miss. K's class in there, so I ran out of the haunted house as fast as I could. I ran all the way to my mom's house down in Elysburg, PA. She asked what I was sweating about and I said that, "I just got chased by a big ghost and my little brother was with me all the time." He was scared as much as I was and I stayed at my mom's house the whole night.


By Kendra, age 12

One Halloween night Cayle, Bryanna and I were at my house. We heard a noise and we thought that it was my cat, but my cat was up in the room with us. Cayle said, "The noise is getting closer to us," so we went downstairs. Bryanna said, "I don't believe what I just saw. What did you see? I thought I saw a ghost." She was seeing things. But we all saw the ghost and Bryanna said that she was right and we were wrong. We ran up the stairs an hid under my sister's bed. Then we came out and we were scared until my sister came home.

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Dead Meat

By Chris, age 12

One day I went down to the basement to get something out of my freezer. I opened the freezer and I was looking for the bag of meat for dinner. I heard a bang in the back cellar. I went to go and see if any one was back there. I was about to go back there when my mom yelled, "Come on Chris, I have to cook dinner so hurry it up."
The next day, I went back down there to see if it was still there. I started to walk back and I heard it again. This time I was not turning back.
I felt strange and I got a tingling feeling in my stomach. I heard the bang again. I started to jog in and a dead body fell from the ceiling. I have been trying to tell them: but they won't listen.

witch's broom

How To Turn Your Parents Into Kids

By Brandon, age 12

First a touch of blood,
A pinch of mud,
A scale from a fish,
A snail out of a dish,
A peace of rust,
A drop of crust,
A peace of tongue,
A drop of dung,
A peace of mouse,
And siding from your house.
Half of a cat,
Half of a rat,
A side of fish,
A sushi dish.
A peace of shrew,
A part to their shoe,
A really big cow
Plus their moo!

Halloween Spell

By LeeAnn, age 12

First you need a dead mans eye.
You need a horse's shoe.
Then you need a tiara with
Thorns around it.
Then you need a boy's piece of hair
Put them in a silver bowl.
Then you pour it on your brother
Or sister

And they will be gone.pumpkin

Halloween Spell

By Brandon, age 12

How to turn fat!
A bat's wing,
A witches eye,
And a goat's ear
Mix together and
Eat for lunch!

The Shoe Recipe

By Cassondra, age 12

Rose are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
But not as sweet as shoes.
Well if ya like shoes
You'll like this recipe.
One shoe sugar and
Baking power
And a pan
So you can bake it
That's the recipe for shoes.


By Ashley, age 12

First you take a pumpkin and throw it in the bucket. After that you take a baby and cut off her hair and put nail polish all over her body. Then fly off to find a little boy throw him in, get a dirty sock full of peas with blood all over the sock. And you wish that you never had school again and that you don’t have to do what ever your mom tells you to do.

Halloween Soup

By Amber, age 12

Ear of a goat
Hair of a cat,
A half a throat,
And a black hat
Stir it up
Just a half a cup
And there is your Halloween soup.

How to turn your sister into a rat

By Tim, age 12

First cut a piece of her hair,
Next get a rat tail.
Stir it good in a glass
Make sure it doesn’t smash
Tell her to drink it.
On the next full moon she will turn into a furry rat! cauldron

Problem Solver

By Alexander, age 12

Hair from a Werewolf
A fang from a vampire
A drop of sweat from a ghost
A gym sock
An ax from a knight
And a bolt from Frankenstein
This will make all of your problems go away.

How to turn your sister into a cauldronmonkey

By Briana, age 12

Fur of a monkey
Hair from your sister
A little bit of salt
And a pinch of pepper
To turn your sister into a monkey you have to stir all of the ingredients together to form soup. Then sneak into her room when she is asleep and pour the soup in her mouth. A few minutes later, you will see a flash of light and your sister will be a monkey.

Spells from Hollister, CA, USA


By Kyle, age 10

1 cup of dogs droppings.
8 million dead mice.
80 million cat tails.
And monster sweat.

Make sure to stir it up very well.
Make sure you pour it in a silver cup.
Then give it to someone and say. . .
{"hers some chocolate milk"}

How to turn your brother in to a frog. .

By Giovani, age 10

You need a frog toe,
And a frog's brain.
Frog's guts and devil's eye!
Then a few magic words!
Puff, your bro is a Frog!!!

How To Turn Your Enemy Into Nothing

By Phillip, age 9

Devil's Horn!
Angel's Wing!
Turn my Enemy Into Nothing!

spooky pumpkinHow to Make Your Friend a Flea

By Ashley, age 10

First you add monkeytoes,
And a pinch of guts!
Mix it twice, add some spice!
Think twice and add a piece of a mice!
Say the magic words, and poof your friend is a flea!

How to Make Your Friend Disappear

By Belinda, age 9

First you need a pinch of spice, mix it twice!
Think twice, add some mice!
Say the magic word Twice!
Poof your friend is gone!

The Thunder Spell

By Erik, age 9

Tongue of cow,
Witches nose,
Wart of frog,
There you go!

Delay Action Mouse Maker

By Kyle, age 10

You are now small.
You are now tiny.
Your worst enemy is a cat.
Your favorite food is cheese.
At the strike of {pick a time}.
You will not be {say their name}
. You will be a mouse!
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How to turn your teacher into the President

By Rachel, age 9

Wart of frog,
Fingers sweat,
Add a little monkey head!
Spider spice, American flag,
Put it all in a bag!
Bat thumb, hairs and knee,
Be careful, not to sneeze!
If you do, it will blow. . . . . .
What do you know! It worked!


By Adriana, age 9

Smell it once,
Smell it twice,
Smell a little bit of spice,
Change my brothers into mice!



By Kate, age 9, Solihull School, England

Creeping turning , twisting writhing,
worms crawl in , worms crawl out
they eat your guts then spit them out.
Hocus pocus witch's brew
you shall do what I what you to do.

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Magic Spell

By Holly, age 7, Dubbo, Australia

Turnips and toads
Mushrooms and toes
Do as I say #
Or you'll go away

witch's broom


The Super Scary Shock

By Year 5/6, age 9-11, Year 5/6, Park Street Primary School, Cambridge, England

I was walking along a road, nothing to do, nothing to hide. It turned out to be a very strange day. Just innocent me with a blank mysterious mind. I was with my friend and a tall, heavy man approached us. Little did we know that he was a lot more than he seemed.

The day was cold and blue, then the sun came out and filled the sky with glory. The man eyed us strangely. He was wearing a black top, hat and purple flares. We thought he was totally mad wearing purple flares.

He showed us a card and it said MIMC. We were confused.

"Don't worry, " he said, "I'm just a figment of your imagination!" He looked so real, we couldn't believe him. I reached out to touch him, his eyes went red and my hand went straight through him, as if he were winter mist.

My friend let out a wild scream like a tiger. Suddenly we looked down and he had disappeared. Only his purple flares remained.

Then, a loud booming voice said, "oh no, there go my flares again!"

witch's broom

I thought I was a witch

By Michaelea, age 13, Smithville, Texas, USA

I once thought I was a witch. Now I know how wrong I was. I thought I wanted to learn spells. I learned one. Now I'm forever sorry about it. I've taken the likeness of a young girl to warn others of their peril, so listen up! Trust me. You DON'T want to be a witch, lest your immortal soul turn astray like mine has. Like ours was. Ours being me and Katie's. Katie was you basic weird kid. She looked half asleep most of the time and her dark red-brown hair was always in the way of her eyes which were dull green. Me? Well, I never was quite normal. I had this hair that was forever dark at the roots and almost white-blond at the ends, and these bright green eyes that when you looked in them, (as other people told me)seemed to dance with magic or something. Not that I looked up often. I was often told 'Emma! we want to talk to you! Look up!'. Now you know why I have a tendency to not pay attention.
I haven't much time, for taking a body is painful so I gotta be quick.
Well to get on with the story, Me and Katie were over at my house and were gathering up the 8 elements: earth, steel, wind, water, electricity, light, fire, & ice. How'ed we get electricity? I'm not going to tell you. You might be tempted to try my spell that I made up.
The setting: Full moon, Halloween night, Fire. I just love fire. Can't get enough of it. Katie, on the other hand, absolutely loves water. Aannnyway, we had this small campfire going and we get the crazy idea to try my spell!!! So we get this pot and combined the elements together, then start to chant:
These things follow and hunt
the weak minded they would!
to make them scream in horror
they should!
These screams send shiver
thought the souls of good
but rejoice in glee
the dark things would!
These things follow you
night and day,
tormenting you in every way
These things live between the borders
of light and darkness, good and bad
and also in the minds
of people mad
only those who call them
then call them once again
can see them in horror
before the madness began
These things these spirits
of elements bad
can be drowned for a lean night
to people glad
before raising once again.
A sudden gust of wind blows through, blowing out the fire, and dark swallows everything. But me, with my witch eyes, I can see clearly: Dark shadows creep in on the glade where we were practising our spell. A piercing scream shatters the silence, nearly busting my cat-like ears, for I hear everything with them. A shiver races down my spine, and I'm paralyzed. I can't help it: I shut my eyes tight. I hear Katie shriek beside me and I reach out to take her hand, only it's not there; only the traces of her warmth linger there before I accidentally suck it up. I glance around and jump up in terror; the shadows are tearing into Katie's body.
I run.
The manic shadows give chase and I hear them laughing right at my heels. I duck under branches and around trees, but it's no good. The shadows are after me. I sob for breath, but it doesn't come. Then, I trip over a root. One root in the darkness I didn't see.
Because of my fright I'm dead. With my last gasp of a breath, I cant out a protection spell. Then there's blinding pain: the shadows have me. Then suddenly I'm watching them do this. I jump at them screaming but they don't look up from eating my physical body.
Then I realize: I'm a ghost. The spell protected my immortal soul, but it didn't do a thing for my mortal self. Poor Katie didn't even have that. I know that I should be upset, but then again I never was an emotional person. Like a total void of it.
Now I'm cursed to roam the world trying to warn people that can't even hear me. What a Curse!!

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Potion of Invisibility

By Mark, age 14, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany

Racties Butonen,
Not to see by sight,
Racties Butonen,
I blend with day and night.

Racties Butonen,
first here then not,
Racties Butonen,
A mass and then a spot.

Now the Sands of Time drop faster,
you begin to feel a breeze,
Racties Butonen,
and in this state you freeze.

witch's broom

How to Turn your parents into the coolest parents EVER

By Ellie, age 11, Edina

Take one piece of each of their hair. Get some toothpaste and mix it in a bowl Then add some water. And finally make them DRINK ITpumpkin

spooky house

By Veronica, age 17, Philippines

lizards eyes,
dog's teeth,
baby's cries, let the spooky house beet!!!
witch's broom

Trick or Treat and Never Return

By Jessica, age 12, Tipp City, OH, United States

It was a wonderful day. The morning dew was still on the ground when Sarah stepped out of bed and rushed into the living room to watch her favorite show "Popular. " Sarah was excited about the day. Her friend Lauren was coming over to play for a few hours and then at around 5:oo Sarah and Lauren were going to go trick or treating. It was the year Sarah had been waiting for. She was 13 and at 13 her mother said that she could finally go trick or treating by herself with friends. She was planning to have the greatest night of her life.
Sarah looked at the clock it was already 9:30. She had slept late that morning and Lauren was expected to come at 10:00 which gave Sarah just enough time to watch her show and get dressed. Sarah's brother was sick with the flu so Sarah's mother agreed to take the girls out to eat and to a movie to kill time before the big night.
Sarah ran to her room forgetting about the show so that she could try on her costume for the 7th time just to make sure she didn't get any bigger over the last couple days. She was going to be a model this year. She had the perfect dress and everything. As she was taking it off the door bell rang. Lauren had come early. Sarah slipped on a pair of jeans and her favorite shirt from Limited. Good Sarah thought that will just give us more time to talk over what houses they were going to stop at to get the best candy. Sarah answered the door and when Laurens mom left Sarah's mom, Lauren, and Sarah all hopped in the car and headed to UNOs to get a quick lunch before the movie at 1:00.
At lunch Sarah's mother told them how important it was to stay outside and not go into anyone's houses while they were trick or treating. Sarah just rolled her eyes and continued eating.
After lunch they went to see The Matrix. Sarah's mom didn't like the movie but the girls just loved it. Sarah's mom said that she was more into the romantic type or the mysterious. The girls just laughed and threw their popcorn away in the trash.
As they were going home to put their costumes on and pile the make-up on their faces Sarah promised her mom that she would not walk into houses, even if it was someone that she knew.
When Sarah and Lauren got to Sarah's house they ran into Sarah's room to put their costumes on and then they stood in front of the mirror for about 20 minutes admiring their beautiful costumes. It was 4:30 and Sarah and Lauren were going to leave in 15 minutes so that they could get to the sight that they were trick or treating at in time.
When Sarah and Lauren were finally ready they hopped in the car and Sarah's mom dropped the girls off at Deer Creek, the neighbor hood that they were trick or treating at.
When Lauren and Sarah's pillow cases were foul of candy they just decided to walk around and look at the scary decorations on peoples houses. They came upon a house that look pretty scary and it said Enter if you Dare on the door.
Sarah forgot about what she promised her mom and she stepped into the house. 24 hours later the police were still looking for Sarah and Lauren and then a year later the police gave up on the case. No one knows what happened to 13 year old Sarah and Lauren but even if you think you will be safe you really never know.

How to make your brother turn into a ham

By Sara, age 13, Year 00-01 7th grade, School, Mesquite, Texas

You will need a:
A Ham
A Brother
And The words to the spell
While your brother is sleeping lay the turkey on top of him un-wrapped and read the magic words ABRA KADABRA ALA KAZAM MAKE MY BROTHER TURN INTO A BIG FAT HAM!

witch's broom

By Katrina, age 8

A dead man's face
A dead man's beard
Mix this things
to make you weird

Halloween Spells

By Jordan, age 6, Toronto, Canada

Turn Your Dad into a Frog
Witches' pies, guts, too
Put some blood
Ghosts' tongue, too
Put some goo
Add some vinegar and salt too
Put it all in a pot
Let your dad drink it
And he'll go rot.

Turn Your Mom into a Werewolf
Put some hair
Eyeballs, too
Add a vampire's fang
And a bat's wing
Put it in a metal pot
Cook it till its nice and hot
it will look like a soup
Tell her to eat it
And she'll go oooh !

witch's broom

The Spell for the Living Dead

By Drew, age 13, Columbus, Ohio

In this spell you turn someone into a skeleton or ghoul for Halloween. It only works once a year so plan ahead!
1 twig from a DEAD Maple tree
2 quarts of urine
3 October leaves (fallen off not picked)
4 Chicken bones

Get a large pot or cauldron.
Mix all ingredients except the twig.
Put into an oven and leave in for three Days at 4000 degrees .
Feed to subject.
Upon Halloween the subject will have only bones and nothing else.
Every time there is a full moon the person will be a ghoul instead of a skeleton.

How to get rid of your parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Amanda, age 13, Poughkeepsie, New York, USA

First you get a nasty shoe and stick it in a blender, then you get a piece of your parents clothes and put them in your brothers sports bag so it can smell. then you put it all together and make it into a drink give it to them and they will faint. After a while they will start to fade away so you won't have to hear it anymore the parents will be gone.
( if you try this I guarantee you that it will work !!)

How To Turn Your Sibling into a Toad

By Riana, age 10, New York

Needs: A Sibling
A Washing Machine
2 Slices of Bread
3 Candle Sticks
A stove
Fake Grapes (optional)

Procedure: Take your sibling and put her in the washing machine. DO NOT turn on the machine yet. Put salt, soap, and both slices of bread in the machine. Turn the machine on. Let your sibling stay in their for about 25 minutes. Then take he/she out of the machine. Put all 3 candlesticks on a frying on top of the stove. Melt them. Put fake grapes in melted wax . Then pour concoction on sibling. Say "Grapes as warts, Off goes shorts. On goes look, Yuk, yook, yook. "


By Nichole, age 10, Naperville, IL, USA

tonight is Halloween
your powers you'll receive
only if you believe

Hot Sauce

By S@M, age 10, St Francisville, LA, USA

frog head
dead man's middle finger
leather jacket
poison apple
dog tail
blank check
Britney Spears
computer key
1 gallon maple syrup {put bottle in}
354 page book {can't take away or add pages}
deck of cards
Cook for 6 hrs. on high. Drink and will turn into hot sauce.
SIDE EFFECTS: passing gas, singing oops i did it again, losing hair, and death.

spooky pumpkin

Love Spell

By Sarah, age 8, Limerick, Ireland

One reddish heart, one teaspoon of sugar,
two wedding rings, one wedding card
and a gift for the one you love.
Mix it three times.
Say "1, 2, 3, be the love for me"
Say the name of who you love.

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