The Event

To: Public Notice Board
From: Oscar

If anybody -- anybody at all -- has any information on, or has had any contact with, a certain Emerald, could you please meet me in #oscarwilde at 2300 BST Friday 24 October.

This is of the UTMOST URGENCY.


Oscarwilde Chat room Fri 24 October 2300 BST

Oscar is waiting
Mia enters.
Oscar: Hello Mia
Mia: Why the urgency?
K enters.
Oscar: Hello K. Now I take it you are both aware of a certain internet user who goes by the name of Emerald? Now I have come to the conclusion...
Mia: YOL
K: Explain
Mia: I'm yawning out loud. YOL
Oscar: Yes, anyway, for the last few months I have been engaged...
Helen enters. Sarah enters. conversazione with this character
Helen: What's conversazione?
Mia: It's just TALKING!
Overlord enters.
Sarah: Please don't shout I've got a headache.
Oscar: Yes, well, sorry. I've been - talking - with Emerald about a great many things and I am sorry to say, thinking of him as a friend...
Mia: SOL
Overlord: ?
Mia: Snoring out loud
Overlord: Ha ha ha
Oscar: I revealed myself to Emerald in great depth...
Sarah: blushes
Overlord: Let's get to the point!
Oscar: To cut a long story short...
K: I wish you would!
Oscar:...the man has turned on me, verbally assaulted me and, frankly, I believe he should receive his comeuppance!
Helen: Richard wouldn't do a thing like that!
K: Who's Richard?
Helen: Sorry, I meant Emerald. I was thinking of someone else.
K: Ignorance! Concentrate!
Helen: Pardon?
K: I won't repeat myself
Helen: Suit yourself!
Overlord: More serious than *you* think...
Mia: Emerald knows me. HE KNOWS WHAT'S BEST. Why can't you understand? I'M DYING?
Oscar: I'm terribly sorry my dear. I didn't realise.
Helen: Not you as well? What has he done to you, Mia?
K: Mia?
Sarah: Mia?
Helen: Answer *please* Mia
Oscar: I'm terribly worried about Mia. I hope she hasn't done anything regrettable.
Overload: The green shadow is upon us. One down, five to go.
K: Fool
Helen: I don't think you realise how serious this is.
K: More serious than death?
Sarah: I've got to go - finish my homework.
Oscar: What about Mia, don't you care?
Helen: He's used me again - he's becoming dangerous...
Oscar: If we don't restrict his actions there could be many other Mia's...
Overlord: 6 to 5. The battle's lost. We may win, but at what cost?
Oscar: Keats?
Overlord: No, the Overlord 1997
Helen: We need to find him.
K: I know the way to do it.
Overlord: Then do it, you fool, time is short. Where once was 6 there'll soon be nought.
K: Coherence or silence, please decide.
Overlord: Silence.
K: I have the means to find him.

K: Ah, I need a password
Helen: Try Emerald
K: Too obvious
Helen: Or Richard
K: Got it "no place like home".

K: It's working..I have him...
K: Got him!

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