My Baby Cousin

by Laura

Baby Heather
Shes cute
Very cuddly
Quite sweet
Sometimes naughty
Hugs me
Kisses me
But after all shes my cousin.

My Baby Nephew

by Elisia

Hes sweet
Quite chubby
Loves nike
Kisses me
Hugs me
Cries a lot
Kicks me
Disturbs me
But after all hes my nephew.


My Brother

by Matthew, Nathan and Siobhan

Selfish Stephen
Lies a
Lot, with
Blond hair,
Chatter box
Very cheeky
Ugly face.

My Horrible Sister

by Zak, Liam M. and Matthew J.

She is
A pain
She breaks
My toys
And she
Very messy
She is
Always fat

My Brother

by Duane

He always
Fights me
He gives
Me money.

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