from Year 5, Kingsmoor Junior School, Harlow, Essex, UK

The Buzzing Feline


By Mikaela, 10

A buzzing beast
A stinging stinger
A buzzing insect
A bug eyed beast
A flappy winged
A colourful monster
A crawling feeder
A flower raider


By Laura, 10

A web maker
A food taker
A fly stalker
A continuous talker


By Edward, 9

A ground roller
A people killer
A people carrier
A heavy armour
A mean machine
A stealth mover
A slow mover.


By Georgie & Louis, 10

A fly eater
A spawn layer
A leaf jumper
A tongue launcher
A warty hamster with slimy skin
A cat fearer
A camouflaged leaf
A French mans best meal
A water lover
A disgusting eater
A noisy creature


By Douglas and Danny, 9 & 10

A worm-eater
A high-flier
A messy-muncher
A nest-maker
A world-explorer
An egg-layer


By Joe and Mark, 10

A fat monster
A stinky pooer
A snort hoger
A pink animal
A pork popper
And of course a mud bather

Beware cat on board

By Mikaela, 10

A bird chaser
A frog leaper
A strolling cheater
A mischief maker
A scrounging squirrel
A purring pet
A moulting menace
A dog magnet
A chair scratcher
A tree climber
A wool player.

Kenning - Dog

By Abigail, 10

A loud barker,
A good swimmer,
A good companion,
A loyal friend.


By Spencer, 9

a web---builder
A black---widow
A fly---eater
A creepey---crawler


By Jack, 10

A hair geller
A football player
A wicked dancer
A tv watcher
A fast food lover
A playstation master


Kenning - Children

By Rachel and Kirstie, 9

A naughty being
A terrible liar
A sleepy head
A mischief maker
A playstation player.


By Danny and Doug, 9 and 10, Year 5, Latton Green Primary School, Harlow, Essex, UK

A furball-spitter
A mouse-catcher
A leg-rubber
A sofa-scratcher
A tree-climber
A dog-magnet
A meowing-maker
A fish-hunter
A swimming-hater
A bird-stalker


By Katie and Jack, 10, Year 5, Latton Green Primary School, Harlow, Essex, UK

A leg attacker
A bone breaker
A blood smeller
A flesh chewer
A fish eater


By Kelly, 9, Year 5, Paringdon School, Harlow, Essex, UK

A fluffy pillow
A milk drinker
A fish eater
And licks its self clean!

A book

By Karen, 10, Year 5, Paringdon School, Harlow, Essex, UK

A white page
A hard cover,
A thin spine
A colourful picture,
A great author
A super story.


By Emma, 10,

A fang biting
A prey stalking
A creepy looking
A gang fighting
A dry living
A mouse eating
A neck squeezing
A scaly feeling


By Laura, 10

A fur raiser,
An eye blazer,
A Mouse catcher,
A Bird tracker.

Kenning - fierce lion

By Gemma, 9,

A meat eater
A bird killer
A furious killer
A beautiful creature
An orange colour



By Eleanor, 9

A tree hanger,
A fruit nibbler,
A bug picker,
A swinging animal.

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