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 Book Reviews: from Chicago Charter Schools, West Belden

See also the Screen Reviews from West Belden Campus, Chicago Charter Schools (February 2004)

Allies of the night. by Darren Shan

By Alexis, 10,

Who has the power to run real fast? If you read Allies of the night you will find out. Allies of the night is the best book.

My favorite character is Steve. Steve is exactly like me because he has the same attitude as me. Example one day when big kids were bothering me, I got really ticked off. Steve one day, got mad because his friend, Darren got chosen as a vampire instead of him.

The setting took place in the city that Mr.Crepsley was born in. It was the city that Darren killed Murlough in. I really enjoyed the setting. It was really cool.

The plot of the story was that Darren, mr.Crepsley, Vancha were hunting for the vampeneze lord. Darren ran into Hooky and Darren's friend Steve saved him. Later Steve betrays him.

Overall the book was real good.

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A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning

By Kinnith, 11,

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning
by Lemony Snicket

My favorite book is called "A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning". It's a bunch of books that are very interesting. They are also very scary.

I like scary books like these because they get interesting. The author is named Lemony Snicket. I also like the illustrations.

The books are about three children. In the beginning Mr. Poe, a bank manager tells them that their parents died. They died in a terrible fire that occurred at their mansion.

The children's names were Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire. They had to stay with Mr.Poe until he found a relative who would keep them. He finally found a relative who would keep them, his name was Count Olaf.

This book is easy to get into. I like it a lot because it's full of suspense. I highly recommend it.

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Darren Shan - Cirque du Freak

By Joel, 12,

Who can turn into a vampire? "Cirque Du Freak" is a book to read & to find out. It is a kid that turns into a vampire for stealing a spider.
I would like to know what might happened on book 4. "Cirque Du Freak" is a good book to read. This book is funny, exciting & sad. Sometimes it is all. This character does not relate to my real life becacuse vampires don't exist.
Tunnels of Blood had lots of setting, 1 setting was underground. It was under houses & road. The tunnels were long.
I ilke the part when Darren Shan & the vampanze was fighting for each other livse.
When the tick was on the vampanze died. Darren said that he & the snakeboy Evan were alive.

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Allies of the Night by Darren Shan

By Jonathan, 12,

Who has been hunting at night? If you read Allies of the night you'll know. The book is about a young boy named Darren Shan the vampire prince. Also the book has the best descriptions ever. I really recommend the book.

I can relate Darren to me. Darren and I both don't like homework. We don't like certain teachers. We hate school. Also we like sports.

One of the settings are in an alley. There are trash cans everywhere. The buildings are made of bricks. And Hooky a man with hooks for hands. Also one hook is gold and the other is silver.

Wait there's more characters that are cool. One is Harkat Mulds. He's a little man but he has gray skin. Also he has green blood. And he used to be a ghost.

Also there is a vampire named Mr.Crepsley [Vur Horston actually]. He is the one that made Darren a vampire. Also he is a mysterious man. Plus he could be funny. And mean sometimes.

This is my review. If I had to sum up the book with one word it would be awesome. Also it was the best book ever. So this is my book review. And why I like Allies of the Night.

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By Monique, 11,

The setting of the book CIRQUE DU FREAK TUNNELS OF Blood, was unique.

When Darren was on a date with this girl named DADEBIE it was very funny and amazing and cool.
It was very peaceful.
When I read the book I always cracked up laughing like crazy. I felt like - let me read more of these books because it leaves childen hungry for more.
The best part was when the VAMPANEZE STOLE A SNAKE BOY his name is Evera, and Darren had to go after him. I really enjoy the book. I give it 5 stars.

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Cirque Du Freak

By Andres, 11,

Who is bitten by a performing, poisonous spider? If you read the book of Cirque Du Freak you will find out. This book series is funny, scary, and will keep you in suspense. This story is highly mega recommended.
I can really relate to the character of Darren Shan. One part is when Darren is making a deal with Mr.Crepsley. I felt the same way when I had to get a game from a friend of mine. He said he would give me the game, but only if I traded him for one of my games. I had to get my game so I said yes.
The setting of one part in the book of Cirque Du Freak was absolutely cool. It was in an old building dark and cold. Just imagine yourself in Antarctica with no coat or anything and it is to keep you warm and it is almost impossible to see. When this was happening I felt very scared and was also in suspense. When the result came and I read what happened it was totally cool.
Cirque Du Freak has thousands of plots. One of my personal favorites is when Madam Octa bites Steve. After this Darren has to go make a deal with Mr.Crepsley. This is where the plot gets good, Steve will get saved if Darren becomes Mr.CrepsleyÂ’s assistant( a half-vampire).
Most of the books of Cirque Du Freak I really enjoyed. I love the character Darren Shan because he is a half-vampire and always acts the way he feels. The settings were great, but I really liked it when it was dark. I enjoyed the plot because Steve eventually gets better. Probaly, something good will happen to Darren in the books to come. I diffidently hope you can read these totally exciting books.
(February 2004)

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'' Cirque Du Freak '' by Darren Shan

By Cristina, 11,

Do you have a favorite book ? I do. It has a character named Darrev Shan . He is in a book named "Cirque Du freak ".
Darren Shan is a half vampire . He runs fast. He is an assistant of a real full vampire. He hates a man named Mr. Crepsley because he made him into a half vampire. I can relate him like me because Darren likes to play soccer and me too.
The setting of the book "Cirque Du Freak" was very exciting. It takes place in his house, schools, and a lot more places. He has a mom, a sister, and a dad. Darren Shan is a normal boy but not for long.
My favorite part is when Darren dies. It is my favorite because he dies in his human life but lives in a vampire life. He says a kid took a picture of his hand. He had a scratch on his hand that meant he was a vampire. That mark will be there forever.
I really, really liked the story "Cirque Du Freak". The character was funny, and serious too.
The settings were in schools, a house and more places. The story was great. I really think you should read it.
(February 2004)

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Junie B.Jones and that meanie Jim's birthday

By Araceli, 10,

Have you ever read the book Junie B. Jones and that Meanie Jim's birthday you have to read it because it is interesting.It is about a girl named Junie and a boy named Jim. They argue about who has the best party.

When Junie believed something I also believed somebody in my family that somebody scared but was not true.
Finally, when she got in trouble because I got bad grades.
The setting of "Junie B.Jones" was in many different places - First, it took place on the school and it looked like a big fun place. Next, it took place in her school bus it had a big whole lot of seats. Finally, it took place on the bathroom, they were fixing the toilet, it was big.

My first plot is that Junie and a meeanie fight about who has the best party. The next plot is that Junie wants to go to the meanie boy's party.
Finally, she gets an invitation card.

Overall I enjoyed the book "Junie B. Jones and that meanie Jim's birthday" that's why you should read it. (February 2004)

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The Ghost Next Door by R.L. Stine

By Wilson, 10,

What do you think about Goosebumps? If you like them, then you will love The Ghost Next Door. It is about a girl who has a dream of having a fire and kills everyone there. If you get scared, I suggest you don't read it because it is surprising, weird, and emotional.
In the story, you might have something in common with Hannah the character in the story. She was crying because she was a ghost. I recommend it. (Feb 2004)

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Ramona's World by Beverly Cleary

By Magda, 11,

What do you think of "Ramona's World"? Well if you read "Ramona's World" you will love it. It's about a girl who wants to have a best friend. It's funny, cool, and interesting!
I can really identify with the character of Ramona in this book. When Ramona found a best friend, she felt happy. Her eyes got wide, and she looked impressed. I know how she feels because I felt this way when I found a best friend.
The setting of "Ramona's World" is in Daisy's house. Daisy's house was in the book a lot. In one part Ramona thought the house was going to fall on top of her. When Ramona was in the bathroom she felt scared. In this book, the house was peaceful.
The Plot is the most interesting thing. First, Ramona found a best friend. Next, Ramona is interestng. Finally,I liked the book because Ramona is a nice friend.
After all, I really enjoyed the book "Ramona's World". I could identify with the character Ramona. The setting was in Daisy's house and it was quiet. The plot of the story kept me interested, especially when Ramona found a best friend. If you read "Ramona's World, I hope you really like it as much as I did. (Feb 2004

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