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By Allysa, aged 10, Dag. City, Panagsinan, Philippines

I'm Allysa and i'm 10 years old, I come from the Philippines. And my title is " Friends " I chose this title because some people don't have friends and everyone has to have one. If you don't have one, it means that you're not being nice to 'em. But you can earn friends by smiling, never harm them & most of all trust them ! (May 2002)

My best friends

By Megan, age 12, Kent, UK

I used to have just 1 best friend. Then I moved house, so I now have lots. For a while I had just 1 here. I just want Jessica to know, that she is my best friend in the whole world. It doesn't matter Jess, if other people are as well, you can be one of my best friends, and I love you lots! (May 2002)

My Best Friend

By Rachel, age 11, Missouri, USA

My best friend's name is Heather. Well first, in 3rd grade I was very shy and didn't have many friends, until I met Heather. We started to get to be good friends, but never became best friends. Now we're in 5th grade and we've done everything together.She never used to be shy, so she didn't care what other people thought of her, and after hanging around with her I started to do the same thing. Now I have soo many friends because I'm not shy anymore!!
Love ya like a sis,
Rachel (May 2002)

I believe

By Ariana, 5th Grade, Desmoines, USA

I believe that we dont have to change friends if we understand that friends change.
I believe that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that.
I believe that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. (May 2002)

Friends, a very important thing in life

By Noha, age 14, Dasman Model School, Kuwait

A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Friendship is a very important thing in life, having a friend helps you do lots of stuff, specially if it is a true friend.
The person I call lucky is the one who has a true great friend who cares a lot. I thank all my friends for their great love and care. My best friend is a great person. Her name is Susan. I wish for you all to have a great friend like Susan. (May 2002)

The Most Treasured of All

By Michelle, age 8, Florida, USA

The loving power
Of friendship
The strongest
Power of all
The extraordinary glow
Of this magic
The undescribable power
Of friendship
the strongest
most powerful magic
The most treasured feeling
Of friendship (May 2002)

How to find your real best friend

By Gianni, age 9, Sugarland, TX, USA

Once I had a best friend. Even if I embarassed her she didn`t mind. She left all of a sudden. She promised to write letters but she didn`t. I tried to make best friends to other people. They were my friends but, I don`t feel the feeling with that best friend. One day I made friends with another girl. I felt more better even without my former best friend. Then we became best friends. I made friends with another girl. Then one of my best friends. Us three became a group or as you can say. One day a girl we all didn`t like, I mean us three, came along and we became good friends. The bad thing is that she made me and them broke up. I mean we weren`t best friends anymore. Feel left out if somebody's taking your place in a group. I was bored. I wanted somebody to be best friends anymore.

The thing is that everytime I became best friends with each of them I waited and see if I can really trust them. So when you find a new girl or boy in your class be friends with them but, wait and you might become best friends. (May 2002)

That Special Friend

By Carman, age 13, Kodiak, Alaska

I cry for my friend
For we are parted by miles
But know we shall be till the end
Through all large and small trials

We really aren't apart
Cause we live in each other's heart
When apart it feels as my heart was hit with a dart
And the days seem so tart

We spend lots of time together
And she is always in my dreams
I know that we shall remain forever
She turns my heart to cream

When she laughs she turns my frown to a smile
She is an angel from above
My smile is as long as a mile
And you can see her eyes filled with love

I would NEVER know what to do if I lost her
And to find her secrets is a quiz
She may not be perfect, sure
But then again who is?

Dedicated to my best friend Edna (May 2002)

A Best Friend

By Erin, age 14, Wichita Falls, Texas, USA

A best friend is someone who is always there. It's a person who will drop all their plans just because the other doesn't want to go. It's the kind of best friend who will always tell you the truth even when they now you don't want to hear it sometimes. You should never let a boy come between the bond of your friendship. A best friend should last forever and never fade. They should do their duties as a best friend and be there every moment that they can. A best friend is a person who you tell your darkest secrets to, you know, the ones you would never tell a family member. It's a person who can keep you up for hours talking about the past and laughing as you do too. It's the kind of friend who has always been there and will never leave your side. It's the kind of friend who will always be there to stand up for you, even when the people she's standing up to happen to be her other friends. She's the kind of friend who will join something just so you wont be alone. It's the kind of friend who can even finish what you were going to say.

All of these things that I have just described are the things that me and my best friend do, look forward to, and will always fulfill. Her name is Amanda and we met in the fourth grade - today we are in the eighth and I hope we have many more years to come!! I love you girl~ (May 2002)

What Real Friends Would Do

By Brandi, age 11, Yorktown Delaware County, Indiana, USA

Friends should be nice, polite, and cool to you.
I hope that your friends are like that.
Never get in a fight with them.
But if you do,
You should apologize.
Wouldn't you think so?
Cause' I sure would.
The only people you could depend. (May 2002)


By Kimberly, age 14, Northbridge, Massachusetts, USA

In fourth grade I was very shy. I didnt really have any friends, until I met Vikki. She is really great. I never had to worry about her being mean to me. She sticks up for me. She is the best friend a person could ever have. One day we were talking and she told me I was her BFFE. I didnt know what it was she told me Best Friends For Eternity. I think she is right. If anything ever happened to her I would be lost. Some people say she is wacko but I say she is my BFFE. (May 2002)


By Tanisha, age 8, Thunderbolt, Georgia, USA

My best friends are Shovonta, Brittany, Benesha, Cashmeria. They are really nice to me they are my BFF. (May 2002)

My Best Friend: Abby

By Ashley, age 11, Ocean Springs, MS, USA

Before Abby came, I had friends, but they didn't stick by me and they made me feel bad in front of others. When I started the 5th grade, I thought it was going to be another miserable school year. As usual, I was scared. On the first day, I was asked by Abby if I would please loan her an eraser. I loaned it to her. At lunch, I sat alone because I didn't know anybody. I guess she felt sorry for me because she came over and sat by me. Soon after, we were sitting together in Science, Math, and Language Arts. We are best friends and are inseparable. I am now at the end of the 5th grade. She is moving to Virginia in about two years. I will miss her, but I won't forget her. (May 2002)

My best friends

By Roisin, age 11, UK

Hi my name is Roisin. My best friends are Kaia, Cara, Chantell and Tiffany. I go round their houses every weekend or we meet at the ice skating rink. I hope we stay best friends. (May 2002)

Just Friends!

By Amanda, age 12, Pennsylvania, USA

Way back in 2nd grade I had no friends I was the shy girl that always sat in the back. Towards the end of the year a friend who had a lot of friends invited me to have lunch with them. So I said "yes" and ever since then I have been best friends with her and another girl!
Stay together with your best bud even thorugh the thick and thin! Later Moo Cha Chas-hehe (May 2002)

My friend Sam

By Helen, age 19, Year 2, Trinity and all Saints College, Leeds

This is for my friend Sam just to let her know she is very special and I love her loads, love Helen xxxx (May 2002)

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