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Many years ago, before any humans lived on the Earth, the dragons were a noble race of animals admired and respected by all other living creatures.

They were known for being gentle, caring, wise and brave. If another animal was in danger, a dragon would come along and help if it could. If there was another animal trying to solve a problem then the dragons would offer advice from the knowledge that they had passed down from generation to generation.

After many years of peaceful existence, things began to change. Men wearing strange hard silver clothing, and sitting on the backs of horses, began to wander across the countryside. These men carried with them long metal poles and small circles of wood.

Being curious creatures, the dragons began to approach these strange-looking men to increase their knowledge. They wanted to talk to the men, but instead they came under attack!

Once the first dragon had been attacked by a man dressed in silver, other similar men began to hunt the dragons. They wanted to prove their bravery and defeat a 'fire-breathing monster' in order to gain respect from other men.

In time the dragons came to know these creatures as 'knights'. They also began to realise that the knights were spreading false information about them. Stories that dragons were eating Princesses, burning houses down and attacking castles began to be told across the countryside.

It was clear that the dragons were in danger and so Gorde - the largest and most powerful dragon - gathered the remaining dragons for a meeting.

He spoke to all the dragons and told them,

"If we stay here we will be hunted down and destroyed by these knights. We have to find a new home."

Dragon scouts were sent off to find a new home that the knights would never be able to find, a place of safety for the dragons to continue living their quiet helpful lives.

Many scouts were attacked and killed by the knights, but one scout did find a new place to call home. The dragons migrated to this new land, and named it 'Dragonsville' - home of the dragons.

To ensure that no knight would be able to reach them, they protected the entrance with a magical stone archway that only dragons and their friends would be able to pass through.

For five hundred years dragons have hidden away in Dragonsville, not daring to leave in case the knights of old are still hunting them, while also remembering the promise that Gorde made as they left the countryside.

But recently, one curious, small, and friendly young dragon called Kulthar flew out from Dragonsville and discovered a human who was sitting by the edge of a river.

Kulthar sat and watched the small human for several hours - not daring to be seen - for fear of being hunted as in the legendary tales told to all young dragons as they grew up..Kulthar - a curious dragon

Finally Kulthar decided she could not wait any longer. She edged forward until the human could see her.

The human was startled at the sight that faced him, but remained calm and called "Hello" to Kulthar.

Both dragon and human began to talk. They moved closer together until they were sitting nose to snout and continued to talk.

After a while a much larger human called to the small human, who got up and ran off, but not before Kulthar had discovered wonderful news.

She flew back to Dragonsville and went straight to The Cavern to speak to the Mayor.

Kulthar excitedly told the Mayor that she had been talking to a 'boy' out in the big world, and that she had discovered that the knights of old were no more, and that the boy was not scared of dragons, and that there were lots more of these 'boys' and other small humans called 'girls' that were not scared of dragons either, and...........

"Calm down", the Mayor spoke gently, "It is time to gather the Elders."

From the top of The Cavern a bell was rung, to summon the Elders - the wisest dragons in Dragonsville. Kulthar was asked to repeat what she had told the Mayor to all the Elders.

Once she had spoken of the 'boy' again, the Elders began to discuss what to do.

They spoke for many hours during which they argued with each other and they tried to persuade each other whether or not it was time to do as Gorde had once promised over five hundred years before.

Kulthar was invited back into The Cavern to hear the decision that the Elders had reached. She was to go back to this human and tell him that the dragons wanted to meet him and other small humans now that the knights of old had gone, and they that all the dragons were safe again.

The dragons were about to invite children into Dragonsville, to meet them, and to teach the children the truth about dragons.

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